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Kazakh Outskirts (カザフシティ市外, lit. Kazakh City Suburbs) is one of the locations in the 2014 Strider, specifically the initial area of the game. Although mostly an original stage, it contains a few nods to the first two stages of the original game, such as the onion-domed buildings in the background, the half-star banners and a descent through an icy slope.


Hiryu looking over the Kazakh Outskirts

The outskirts of Kazakh City is a large exterior area that comprises the City Gates, the main entry way into the city proper. Built within a mountain range, the capital is connected to the outside by several large bridges, which serve as the only road leading into the city. Several "Inspection Stations" managed by Light Troopers and a team of four Vityaz-1 are in place as well, which monitor all activity in the area and control those moving in and out of the city. The area is also under some military activity, with several Sovkhoz tanks marching out of the city, and the Airship Balrog making rounds high above the skies, acting as a deterrent for all surrounding areas.[1]

This area is where Hiryu's mission begins. He enters through the air using his Glider and, after avoiding enemy gunfire in mid-flight, lands near one of the bridges. Easily taking care of the Troopers, Hiryu proceeds inside the main station and eventually reaches the Detention Hall where he faces Ouroboros Mk.III.


City Gate (シティゲート)
The very first area in the game, the City Gate is a large exterior area in the outskirts right before the bridges. The snowy mountain range around Kazakh City serves as its backdrop, as well as several onion-domed buildings visible in the distance. Amidst the clouds in the sky one can also spot the army's imponent Airship Balrog.

The area is mostly a straightforward section with straight platforming, its only notable part being a descending slope near the end.

Kazakh City Bridge (カザフシティブリッジ)
One of the many bridges connecting Kazakh City with the exterior world. This bridge is also known as the "Golden Bridge" due to its color. The bridge's initial area is blocked off by a large structure, whose only way to cross is through a breakable vent. All the way west stands a chamber holding the required Slide Assault upgrade.

The other side of the bridge happens mostly in the structures below it. The area has a large open space in the middle and several platforms hanging in the air. Enemy Troopers, PNUTs and one transport Skiff stand in Hiryu's way. At the end of the bridge stands a large metal door protected by two Turrets. Once these are destroyed, the door unlocks and Hiryu proceeds ahead.

Checkpoint KZ (チェックポイントKZ)
Checkpoint KZ areas are short tunnel bridges connecting the Inspection Station with the exterior areas. There are two of this in the area, both short sections crowded with Troopers and PNUTs.

Inspection Station C (検問エリア, Inspection Area)
One of several stations controling who or what enters and/or leaves Kazakh City. The station has three floors: the first floor is covered in several flat screens displaying Kazakh City's logo, while the second floor is a big open room with a large windows and two Novo-locked doors. The upper floor is a long hall filled with surveillance monitors showing several areas. A Checkpoint KZ west leads into a small chamber where Hiryu faces the first Vityaz-1 soldier.

Several Sovkhoz tanks can be seen marching in the background of the station. The final corridor with monitors is protected by three more Vityaz-1 who all fight Hiryu together. The final room is a Save Room leading into the Detention Hall.

Detention Hall (拘束エリア, Restraint Area)
A long hall where the Ouroboros Mk.III rests, following its decomission. The area is surrounded by red computer screens and machinery, and researchers can be seen in the background working at the computers and monitoring the large dragon. Two large blue couplers keep the beast dormant in place.

Once Hiryu arrives, he must destroy the couplers to proceed, unknowingly awakening Ouroboros and forcing him to fight the creature above the city skies.

Stage Enemies[]

Enemies present in this stage include:

Item Locations[]

Note: Check out the area map in the Gallery section for more specific in-game locations.

Series references[]

Kazakh City's flag

  • The introduction with Hiryu entering the area through his Glider is a nod to the original Arcade game's intro. In preview builds of the intro Grandmaster Meio's original laugh soundbyte played out.
  • The initial area is set in the middle of a light snowstorm, with the ground covered in snow. The only instance of a Kazakh going through a snowstorm is the capital's depiction in the manga.
  • At the beginning the game establishes it takes place in the year "Meio: 0048". This is a nod to the original game being set in 2048, as well as official material in Japan referring to the year as the "First Year of Meio".
  • Near the end of the first section Hiryu goes through a descending icy slope, a clear nod to the big run section from Siberia.
  • The stage is set within a mountain range. While not noticeable in-game, St. Petersburg is stated to be set in a mountainous region as well.
  • The area is filled with red flags and banners displaying the Kazakh half-star logo, resembling the banners displayed in St. Petersburg in the original. The flags may also be based on the ensign at the beginning of the Balrog, albeit the original flag was red on yellow instead of white on red.
  • The bridge supports in the background at the beginning of the stage are red with a white object in front sporting a circular orb in its center, two curved prongs to the sides below it and a third straight prong going down. The color and design are based on the pathway at the beginning of St. Petersburg.
  • The onion-domed buildings in the background of the very beginning may either reference the buildings in the stage or the one building at the beginning of the PC Engine extra stage, which shares a similar design.
  • When Hiryu wakes up Ouroboros Mk.III, the pose he strikes as he clings to its back resembles the key artwork for the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 remaster.



  • A modified version of this area with a different item placement was used extensively for the initial gameplay videos and as the playable demo during trade shows. The final version of the Kazakh Outskirts is also the area used in the PlayStation 4 digital demo.


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