The Secret Police HQ

The Kazakh Secret Police (カザフ秘密警察) is an antagonistic organization from the manga and its NES adaptation, serving mostly an identical role in both versions as an early obstacle soon replaced by the actual enemy, Enterprise. While the group is not featured in the Arcade game's story, their uniform is identical to the one used by the Russian Infantryman enemy.


An underground military force created by Kazakh's ruling party, the Secret Police's main objective is to deal with the many insurrections that are born product of the government's tyrannical and oppressive rule. They are given free reign to take any action required to subdue and capture the rebel groups. Their main headquarters is a large, heavily defended police building bearing the country's half-star logo.

Following an alliance with the multinational organization Enterprise, the Secret Police reached a mutually beneficial agreement: Enterprise would supply them with advanced weaponry and the Secret Police would in exchange lend them the captured rebels to serve as guinea pigs in their brain surgery experiments. Following one confrontation against the rebels, they are faced with Striders Kain and Sheena, who the rebels had hired as support. On the battle, Kain ends up captured by the enemy and later subjected to the ZAIN Project's mind control.

Forced to take the mission, Hiryu infiltrates their headquarters and eventually rescues Kain. After leaving the complex, Hiryu uncovers Enterprise's experiments to produce a brainwashing machine and realizes both Kain and his sister Mariya were used as guinea pigs. Following this revelation, he swears to stop Enterprise's plans and eliminate all those involved.


High-ranking officer of the Secret Police whose name is not revealed. He is seen leading the assault force against the rebels. He's a cruel and corrupt man who uses others to his own ends. He wears a long coat and hat bearing the half-star symbol of the Kazakh Federation, similar to the one used by General Mikiel in the arcade game, possibly meaning he's also a member of Kazakh's ruling party.
Officer of the police whose name is not revealed, he's only seen within the Police quarters. He's an unscrupulous and cowardly individual, who ends revealing Enterprise's secret experiments to Hiryu.
Str manga infantry
The bulk of the force. They wear a green winter uniform complete with a fur hat and a visor covering their eyes, and wield rifles with bayonets as their personal weapon. They are mostly average-skilled individuals and barely a threat to any Strider.


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