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Kodiak is a minor character from the NES Strider. He appears as a mid-boss character in the Kazakh and Los Angeles stages. He also appears in the Tiger Electronics handheld version of Strider as a minor stage enemy with a very different design: he appears more muscular and wears chest armor, long black hair and an uncovered face; and attacks either with an axe or a gun instead of his motorcycle.[1]

Not much is known about Kodiak. He is presumably hired by The Syndicate to provide protection for their instalations. He rides a state-of-the-art motorcycle which he uses as his main method of attack, attempting to run over his enemies. He also seems to enjoy fights and a good challenge, as he states he wishes to test a Strider's power. In many respects, he's very similar to Commander Keith from the manga.


Strider (NES)[]

Kodiak awaits within the Kazakh Secret Police HQ, guarding over Kain's confinement room. Once Hiryu gets through the Level 2 door, he's ambushed on his path by him. Kodiak realizes who he is and claims his desire to see the power of a Strider. He attacks Hiryu, but is quickly taken care of.

Later on, Kodiak blocks Hiryu's path again in The Syndicate's headquarters in Los Angeles. Even though he now attacks faster, Hiryu takes care of Kodiak for good.


A rather simple boss fight, Kodiak's only attack is to move from one side of the screen to the other in his one-wheeled motorcycle. In order to defeat him one has to jump over him then quickly turn around and strike as he passes by.

In his second boss fight, he moves slightly faster but is otherwise identical in his attack pattern.


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