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The Kraken (クラーケン, referred to as Kraken 2 in concept art[1]) is a boss character from Strider 2, serving as the end boss of the third stage, the Antarctica Research Lab. It is based off the mythical sea creature of the same name.

Created by Researchers from Kraken Chemical working at the secret Antarctica lab, the Kraken is a hideous monstrosity. The result of ongoing genetic experiments, the beast is a hybrid of several sea creatures taking the form of a giant mutant octopus with a long, hardened oval-shaped cucumber shell over its head split into two, with spikes on the inside that gives off the appearance of being teeth. It also has several tentacles, four of which end in crab-like pincers, and three small yellow knobs at each side of its shell which are its only weakpoint.

The Kraken was released from its containment tube (seen broken in the background) during the lab's destruction. Hiryu runs into the creature as he abandons the facility, and is forced to fight and eliminate it before escaping.


The Kraken is a stationary enemy, staying firmly in place at the center of the area. It has two main ways to attack Hiryu: either by shooting laser beams or by thrusting one of its four tentacles at him. While the tentacles can be destroyed, they will eventually grow back.

The enemy's actual weakpoint is its six knobs, three at each side of its long head. The lowest one can be hit while on the ground, but Hiryu must climb the Kraken to reach the other two. While attacking them, Hiryu has to avoid the laser beams shoot from them and the tentacle attacks coming from the background. The Kraken has a large amount of health, but its lack of movement and limited set of attacks make for an easy, albeit drawn-out, battle.


  • Laser Beams:: The Kraken shoots three energy beam from the knobs in the side of its head Hiryu is facing. Can be ducked if standing on the ground.
  • Laser Rain: Opening its large shell, the Kraken unleashes a large beam which showers onto the screen as six smaller beams. The only way to avoid is to stand in the small openings between them.
  • Tentacle Strike: The tentacle closest to Hiryu's position blinks red, and soon enough lunges at him. While they can be destroyed, they will simply regenerate again.



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