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Solo's Laser Rifle

A Laser Rifle is a type of weapon used in the original Strider and the 2014 Strider.


Strider (CPS-1)[]

Balrog Marine with his Laser Rifle

The Laser Rifle (レーザー銃)[1] is the standard-issue weapon employed by the Balrog Marine Corps and the soldiers stationed in the Third Moon. The weapon is a large rifle with a grenade launcher add-on located just below the gun's cannon[1]. As such, the weapon can either shoot projectiles straight ahead or grenades in an overhead arc. The grenades are both useful at mid-range and to hit Hiryu if he's climbing just below the soldiers.

The Laser Rifle is also used by the Desert Soldiers in the PC-Engine port's exclusive stage, Oil Fields. Their rifles, however, lack the grenade launcher attack (although the sprite still shows a grenade below the muzzle, it is never used).

Strider (2014)[]

Laser Rifle in "tri-beam" mode

The Laser Rifle (レーザーライフル)[2] is the standard-issue weapon used by the Research Facility's Next-Generation Strazh Troopers. A high-powered armed weapon[2], the Laser Rifle is a mid-sized gun whose main characteristic is a set of metallic wing-like contraptions in its front, which can be opened up to reveal two extra laser emitters besides the muzzle. The weapon can shoot powerful laser beams in different configurations. At its most basic, the Laser Rifle shoots a single laser beam per attack which is stronger than the Custom Rifle's bullets. In "burst mode" configuration, the Rifle charges up before unleashing a quick stream of laser beams forward, similar to the Custom Rifle's version. Finally, by opening the front wings the weapon can charge up and release a much more powerful tri-beam attack, consisting of three laser beams shot in parallel.

While a powerful weapon, it is not as refined or advanced as other laser emitters like the ones installed in the Gravitron or the Brainwalkers, being unable to reflect off surfaces or change directions mid-flight.

Solo's model[]

Main article: Solo's weaponry

Laser Net Form

Bounty Hunter Solo also wields a Laser Rifle, albeit his appears to be an updated model presenting five total emitters instead of three, making for much more powerful laser and plasma attacks; and a secondary "Laser Net" mode where the weapon's front spins quickly, allowing him to create more complex laser patterns.


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