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A Laser Turret (レーザー砲台, lit. Laser Battery)[1] is a basic stage enemy present in all games on the Strider series, a variation of the basic Turret enemy.

Strider (CPS-1)[]

Appears in Stage 3 (Flying Battleship Balrog).

A laser battery shaped like a raygun and found installed in the walls and ceilings of the Balrog's Gun Deck, usually near the path of conveyor belts. When Hiryu comes into their line of sight, they shoot a white laser beam in a straight trajectory. They possess limited mobility, being capable of aiming their sight at three different angles, shooting laser beams consecutively at roughly 0º, 35º and 45º. They are otherwise stationary.

Strider (NES)[]

Appears in the Red Dragon.

A set of red Laser Turrets can be found in the third floor of the Red Dragon's initial area, installed in the ceiling over a path of pillars Hiryu must cross through. These laser turrets start shooting at Hiryu as soon as he stands below them, damaging him and disrupting his jumping across each pillar. They are also very difficult to destroy since only Hiryu's up thrust and Ground Trick can reach them.

There's also a lonely Laser Turret found above the door after the first battle with Dragon Fiend, which is easy to ignore.

Strider 2[]

Appears in Stage 4 (Flying Battleship Balrog), Scenes 2 and 6.

The Laser Turret is a small machine found onboard the Battleship Balrog, with a similar appearance to the ones in the original. These turrets can actually move across the floor and redirect their guns to aim vertically. When close to Hiryu, they point into his direction and shoot a short-range beam of plasma which stays active for a few seconds.

They often come in pairs of two, alternating between attacking and resting.

Strider (2014)[]

Laser Turret

Appears in the Research Facility, Airship Balrog and Meio's Tower.

A white, round-shaped turret model first seen in Professor Schlange's Research Facility. This model of turret generates a powerful sustained purple laser beam in a straight line forward. They are capable of moving back and forth vertically, releasing the laser beam in short bursts while tracking Hiryu's location.

These turrets can become a nuisance when facing other enemies, as their blasts can't be reflected back by the Cypher, but they can be blocked by objects standing on its path.



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