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A laser wall panel (official name unknown) appears in Strider for the Commodore 64 taking the spot of the Anti-Gravity Device, possibly because programming its gravity manipulation proved difficult. An updated version of this boss later appears in the Commodore 64 version of Strider II as well.



StrC64 antigravity.png

The wall panel is a very simplistic octogonal panel with eight white squares set in two lines, installed in the walls of the Balrog. It takes the place of the Anti-Gravity Device as the last enemy before ending the stage, attacking by shooting laser beams at all directions. Since it doesn't lock the screen, however, the player can easily ignore it and proceed unopposed.

A second sexagonal panel with 16 white squares appears in the final stage, but it behaves the exact same way.

Strider II[]

StrRet antigravity C64.png

A more detailed version of the wall panel returns in the Commodore 64 version of Strider II, once again replacing the Anti-Gravity Device as the second-to-last boss in the final stage. Unlike before, this panel actually retains the gravity pull of the device, pulling Hinjo and spinning him around itself, damaging him each time he completes a rotation around the panel.