Debut: Game: Strider II
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: Magentan

Lexia, originally known as the Female/World Leader[1], is a minor character introduced in Strider II/Returns. Much like main protagonist Hinjo, she was only properly named in the Mega Drive port's manual. Lexia has a slightly different role depending on the game's version.

In the original Strider II, she is the nameless female leader of the alien planet Magenta, which needs to be rescued. She's only seen at the end of the game, standing in a back room right after the final boss fight. She appears to be on her underwear while doing a bizarre "hip dance", and by making contact with her the game is finished.

In Strider Returns, she's claimed to be Hinjo's beloved[2], which also needs to be rescued. She's seen at the end of the game, but now standing in a floating platform that must be destroyed before finishing the game. She's also seen in the Continue screen, encouraging "Strider" to not die.

Not to be confused with a car. She's the babe, not the car.[3]


Strider IIEdit


Lexia (Amiga)

The world leader of Planet Magenta, she's captured by a group of alien terrorist in order to hold her world to ransom. The Magentans' attempts to fight back all result in failure, and finally they request the services of the Striders.

The Strider selected for the mission confronts the enemy forces and eventually finds his way into the Prison Ship where she's captured. Defeating the enemy leader, he finally finds her and they both take an escape ship back to the planet.

Strider ReturnsEdit


Lexia (Genesis)

Lexia is targeted as part of Grandmaster Meio's plans of revenge against the Striders. She's kidnapped and held prisoner on his Prison Ship, as insurance against his enemies and Strider Hinjo.[3]

Hinjo takes the challenge and confronts Meio and his automadion armies, eventually finding his way into the Prison Ship and defeating him. Hinjo finds Lexia chained onto a strange floating platform. After destroying the artifact and releasing her, Hinjo carries Lexia into an escape shuttle before the Prison Ship blows up, and they both return back to Earth.


As the final enemy obstacle exclusive of the Mega Drive version, Lexia is placed atop a floating platform with a light below it, which switches between blue and yellow. The platform floats in place, sometimes shooting at Hinjo with a weapon on its sides. In order to destroy it, the platform must be struck when its light is blue. Hitting it while its yellow results in Lexia being electrocuted, and Hinjo losing health.



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