Strider 2 enemy coalition.

Light Sword Cypher (official name unknown) is a term used in fandom to refer to an enemy coalition within Strider 2, taken from a common title given to the Cypher, Hiryu's weapon of choice.

This "shadow organization" is formed by the unknown powers that rule over the world[1] in the name of Grandmaster Meio. Its members includes heads of world governments[2], executives from corrupt corporations and even large-scale criminal organizations[2]. Influencing the world from the shadows, the group is at the vanguard of technology and science, with creations such as the Flying Battleship Balrog and the "Superhuman Army Project", as well as the funding of the top secret supranational Antarctica Research Lab[1] and their genetic research.

The organization is deeply loyal to Grandmaster Meio, considering him their God and eagerly awaiting the day he returns.[3]


The Round TableEdit

Taken from the name of the music theme playing during their cutscene[4], the Round Table (円卓) refers to the most important members of the organization, who gather together in secret meetings to discuss important issues in Light Sword Cypher's agenda. They are seen discussing, among other matters, Hiryu's threat to the group after he brings down the Antarctica Lab.

At least seven members are seen at the meetings, but only 4 speak up:

  • Chairman (議長) - The leader at the front of the table, an old moustached man. He seemingly underestimates Hiryu, dismissing Hien's words and taking no immediate actions against him. After Hiryu destroys the Balrog, he's seen musing about Grandmaster Meio's complete hold over the world.
  • Strider Hien - Grandmaster Meio's right-hand man, he seems to be his direct representative in the group, and advises them about Hiryu.
  • Executives (幹部) - Likely members of large corrupt corporations allied with Light Sword Cypher. Two are shown speaking, showing concern about Hiryu and the lab's destruction.

Note that, according to the Visual Chronicle artbook, all members of the Round Table (save Hien) are identified as Princes (諸侯)[5], implying they are nobility from several world nations.

Other Members and AlliesEdit

  • Admiral Wilhelm - High-ranking member and captain of the Balrog.
  • The Professor - One of the scientists in the organization and head researcher of the Balrog.
  • Herzog Schlange - Provides the group and its allies with technology and weapons.
  • Solo - Enhanced by the Superhuman Army project, Solo provides his services as a bounty hunter.
  • Chinese Mafia - A criminal organization supported by them.
  • Kraken Chemical - A large bio-technological corporation allied with them, given control of the Antarctica Research Lab.

Name OriginEdit

The Japanese phrase "light sword cypher" (光剣サイファー) is often used in promotional material for the Strider series[6]. During the lead-up to the release of Strider 2, Bueno, owner of fansite Strider Island Moralos, understood it as the name of the game's primary villains[7]. This erroneous misunderstanding was uncritically accepted and perpetuated at length by the owner of another well-known Strider fansite, who had incorporated the phrase into his site's name.[8]

Due to this mistake, fanon continues to use the phrase in reference to the enemy coalition opposing Hiryu throughout Strider 2



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