This is a list of minor Strider agents that have appeared in the series. None of these characters have a known official name.

From the MangaEdit

HQ StriderEdit

Manga icon strider1

HQ Strider

A male Strider agent with short, black hair appearing in Chapter 1. He wears a long-sleeved dark-colored uniform with a fishnet shirt underneath. As he doesn't wear the uniform used by the large amount of grunt Striders, he may be of a higher rank. He appears to work within the Strider Headquarters as an operator of sorts, possibly even as a Navigator.

He receives Sheena's communication reporting Kain's capture in the Kazakh Federation and rushes to inform Vice-Director Matic. He discusses with Matic how will they handle the situation, with Matic quickly dismissing the idea of a rescue team considering it risky and accepting on sending an assassin to take care of Kain instead. He brings up the fact Kain is a top Special-A Rank Strider and none of their agents would be able to take him down, leading Matic to consider Hiryu.

Matic's strike force leaderEdit

Manga icon strike team

Team leader

The leader of the 4-Strider strike team sent by Matic to take care of Kuramoto in Chapter 5. He wears the same uniform of the grunt-level Striders: a dark-colored uniform with a fully-concealing head gear, shoulder pads and straps. Unlike the other three members of the team his eyes are fully visible, revealing him to have small slit eyes. The whole team is seen carrying machine guns.

The team forces their way into Kuramoto's personal room in the Headquarters and hold him at gunpoint. The leader demands Kuramoto to issue an official communication stating he is stepping down as Director and declaring Matic his successor. They were also ordered to kill him afterwards, with Matic planning on framing Hiryu and Kain for the murder. As Kuramoto was shaking and confused the man mocked him, turned around and ordered him to go transmit the message to all members on the world. At that moment Kuramoto dropped the act and, having confirmed Matic's betrayal, unleashes his blade and effortlessly kills the four Striders.

Kuramoto's supporterEdit

Manga icon strider2

Kuramoto's supporter

A male Strider with short, spiky hair briefly seen in Chapter 5. He wears the same uniform as the Strider from Chapter 1, and he also appears to be stationed at the headquarters, possibly showing he's of the same rank/job within the Striders.

Once Matic's sympathizers started a riot within the headquarters to eliminate Kuramoto's supporters, this Strider rushed to Kuramoto's room to warn him of this happening. When he arrived, however, he found Kuramoto standing over the dead bodies of his attackers. Kuramoto then ordered him to prepare the aircraft for long distance travel, planning on going to Los Angeles to confront Matic personally.

From portsEdit

Intro StridersEdit

StrPCE intro group

Intro Striders

Four Striders appear only as silhouettes during the PC Engine port's animated intro, standing behind Hiryu as he drops from above. There's no known information about them, so whether they were meant to be anything more than shadows in the intro is unknown.

The four mysterious Striders are, from left to right:

  • A female figure with knee-length hair. She sort of resembles Sheena.
  • A medium-build male with very short hair, standing idle with his arms crossed.
  • A tall, muscular male with very short hair, also standing in place with his arms crossed.
  • A short, skinny male with spiky hair. He's kneeling down and looking at the side.

All four figure have what seems to be a Cypher hanging from their backs, and they appear to wear a sleeveless uniform similar to Hiryu's and boots.

Striders CommanderEdit

The Striders Commander (「ストライダーズ」司令官) is a character mentioned in the manual for the Sharp X68000 port. This apparent authority in the organization is established as the one who gave Hiryu the mission to eliminate Grandmaster Meio.[1]

The rank or title given to this character is different from the titles of "Director" and "Vice-Director" given to Kuramoto and Matic.


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