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The Magnetic Cypher (マグネティックサイファー) is one of the four enhanced forms Hiryu can unlock in the 2014 Strider.


The Magnetic Cypher in action

The fourth and last enhanced plasma form Hiryu has access to, the Magnetic Cypher is obtained after Hiryu defeats Juroung. Hiryu generates plasma within his body with a strong magnetic force, creating a blade of magnetic plasma that flies at enemies and, attracted to the magnetism in Hiryu's body, returns to him like a boomerang[1]. When active, Hiryu's plasma output changes from crimson to a deep violet/purple.

The Magnetic Cypher creates a flying wave of plasma when it is swung, which will fly and home in on any enemy present, allowing Hiryu to strike enemies from long distances. Up to two plasma blades can be shot at enemies at a time, although Hiryu must wait for them to return in order to attack again. The range of the flying magnetic waves can be increased further by using the Charged Cypher skill[1]. This skill is also required to break the enhanced shields wielded by Peirazmoz Shield Troopers.

Besides the basic Cypher form, Hiryu can also unlock Magnetic-enhanced forms for his Kunai and Plasma Catapult techniques.

Magnetic Gate[]

A Magnetic Gate (マグネティックゲート) is a type of door found throughout Kazakh City, which can only be opened with the Magnetic Cypher. These circular safe-looking doors are tighly closed by a strong magnetic force which pushes Hiryu away if he attempts to break in. Using the Magnetic Cypher disrupts the magnetic field, opening them for a brief period of time.



  • The Magnetic Cypher's ability to shoot homing plasma waves is similar in function to the Boost ability from Strider 2, albeit at a much smaller scale. Gameplay-wise it also resembles Hien's Cypher Boomerang, in that only two can be thrown at a time and the player can't attack until atleast one returns.


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