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I WILL create a new race! A better race! A perfect race!
(余は創り上げるのだ! 美しき種族、完璧なる調和を…!)
—Meio Prime, as he presents himself to Hiryu

Meio Prime (冥王プライム) is the final boss character in the 2014 Strider, and Grandmaster Meio's true form.

This other-worldy creature of immense proportions is the true appearance of the mysterious Grandmaster Meio[1][2]. Meio Prime has a massive round body encased in a shell-like bony exterior with spikes coming out from the top. The main body inside the sell presents a scaly or "bumpy" texture and has a single, slit light-blue eye in its upper top with four yellow spikes protruding below it. The lower half of his body shows a large set of dark blue arms clutched together, each wearing several gold rings, and in the center stands Meio's human visage merged as part of the body. From holes behind Meio's shell part come out four small purple/blue wings and two long, one-eyed dragon-like limbs he uses to attack. As Grandmaster Meio always operates in his human visage, his real appearance has been concealed from the inhabitants of Earth[1][2], and not even his own subordinates have ever seen it[1]. As everything about him is enshrouded in mystery, nobody knows with certainty just from where did the existence known as Meio came from, or for what purpose he exists.[1]


Meio Prime

Grandmaster Meio was forced into revealing his true form after being defeated by Hiryu. Injured during their confrontation, Grandmaster Meio retreats through a portal to his station, The Third Moon, in Earth's orbit and reveals his true self. In the pursuit of his target, Hiryu arrives at the remains of the station with the imponent Meio Prime awaiting him. Losing his confident and arrogant attitude, Meio Prime violently lashes out against Hiryu in an attempt to kill him while screaming that he'll create his perfect race.

Meio Prime unleashes the full extent of his powers, but Hiryu manages to survive the assault and finally brings the creature down. Defeated, Meio Prime falls toward Earth with Hiryu standing on top of him as Meio's body slowly disintegrates in the intense heat of atmospheric entry.


Meio's human face

In his true form, Grandmaster Meio's abilities are increased exponentially, allowing him to summon and release stronger projectiles in massive numbers. As Meio Prime, he's said to gain the ability to control gravity at will[2], and can generate projections of psychic energy with its dark blue arms: the upper ones can generate fire-based projectiles and the lower ones can project blasts of energy. He can also unleash a powerful electric beam and makes use of his dragon "arms" to attack from a distance.

Hiryu confronts Meio Prime in a large area formed by a circle of metal junk floating in space around a number of Gravitron units, serving both as platforms and cover from any attack. Meio Prime stands in the background and attacks Hiryu, only retreating when he receives enough damage in order to use his dragon limbs. Meio Prime's only weakpoint is the human visage in the center of the body, which can be reached by performing Plasma Catapults off one of the Plasma Rings floating nearby. As the battle goes on, Meio Prime starts mixing together his attacks and attacking more often.


  • Fire Wheel: Meio Prime's upper arms generate a large red orb between them, and from there releases a spinning array formed by rows of three fireballs. This attack can move to either direction, but the fireballs can be reflected by the Cypher or blocked by the Gravitrons.
  • Fire Star: Meio Prime's upper arms generate a fire orb, then unleash a stream of fireballs at five different directions. The attack can be reflected or blocked, but its speed makes it easy to dodge as well.
  • Fire Rain: Meio Prime's upper arms generate a fire orb, and from there radiate thousands of fireballs at all directions. The fireballs can be reflected or blocked like previous attacks.
  • Energy Blast: Meio's lower arms generate a large blue orb between them, and from there shoots three small blasts of energy at Hiryu's direction. When hitting a surface or Gravitron, these blasts become two pulses that run across said surface.
  • Lightning Beam; Meio shoots a large, powerful electric strike from the third eye in his body. This beam moves at either direction and can reach across the whole room, so it can be best avoided by quickly hiding behind a Gravitron.
  • Dragon Limbs: When receiving enough damage, Meio Prime retreats further into the background and lets his dragon limbs attack. The limbs attack Hiryu by striking at his position three or four times, each strike releasing blasts of energy around them and through the surface they hit. The last strike always leaves the limb stuck in place, leaving it vulnerable for a few seconds. When damaged enough, the limb will be knocked out and temporarily disabled.

Design Notes[]

Meio Prime's concept and general design are a clear reference to Caduceus, the final boss from Strider 2, both being large space monsters with similar bizarre designs. Making this more apparent, Meio Prime's official art uses a similar background to the one in Caduceus' official art, and both end up burning away during atmospheric entry after defeat.

While the English script directly refers to Meio Prime as a "space alien", the Japanese script instead remains ambiguous about his actual origins and status.



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