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Peshka-type Military Trooper

The Military Trooper (ミリタリートルーパー) is a type of stage enemy found in the 2014 Strider.

The Military Trooper is a superior type of Light Trooper deployed throughout the Military Ring[1]. Military Troopers have a very similar appearance to civilian Troopers and use the same custom Rifle, but are easily recognized for their red-colored armor plates. Performance-wise, they are outfitted with more resilient armor and stronger weaponry, as well as higher precision AI that allows them to adapt to combat depending on the situation at hand[1]. They also behave similar to the Light Troopers, speaking in Russian to Hiryu as they attack him.

As their name implies, these androids form the majority of the troops in Meio's Army, and answer directly to General Mikiel. While Mikiel is very proud of their strength as a representation of his "military might"[2], some of Meio's other subordinates considers them quite inept.[3]


Basic Military Trooper variants[]

There exists Military-upgraded variants of the four Light Trooper models (Peshka, Groza, UMT-1 and Zanteps), visually only told apart by their red-colored armor. These form the majority of the forces in Meio's Army and can be seen patrolling the Military Ring and Military Headquarters, as well as protecting the Prototype Gravitron inside the Buried Temple[4]. They are also part of the crew onboard the Airship Balrog.

These models behave identical to their Light Trooper equivalents, but possess stronger armor and are slightly harder to destroy.



Molniya (from Russian молния, Lightning), also known as the Military Lieutenant, is a reinforced model of Military Trooper[5] which serve as superior officers. They can be found around the same areas as the basic models, albeit in smaller numbers. A group of Molniya are also stationed in the War Room, the main center of command for the army.

This improved model of Military Trooper is equipped with upgraded armor plating and installed with advanced training, granting it faster targeting and the use of deadlier weapons[5]. Molniyas are much more resistant to Hiryu's attacks than weaker models, while keeping their speed of movement intact and handling the same weapons and tactics.



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