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Missile Mobile (ミサイルスノーモービル, lit. Missile Snowmobile) is a boss character from Strider 2, appearing as the mid-boss of the first area in the third stage.


The Missile Mobile, also known as the Ice Crawler (アイスクローラー)[1], is one of the armed snowmobile vehicles used in the defense of the Antarctica Research Lab. The vehicle is a "slow, heavy-equipment" model[1] used by a member of the Tactical Team, a specialized unit within Kraken Chemical's Antarctic Guards. The Missile Mobile is a very slow machine, and its only weapon is a four-pod missile launcher installed on top. As an additional assistance, Penguin Bombs fall from above regularly during battle.

Hiryu faces the Missile Mobile in the first area, atop a large ice cliff. The vehicle moves back and forth very slowly, barely moving beyond its spot, and occassionally shoots its four missiles at Hiryu. The enemy is extremelly easy to kill by simply ducking and slashing it away, or even by moving behind it where none of its attacks can reach Hiryu.



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