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Mongolia (モンゴル) is a location seen exclusively in the Strider Hiryu manga. While absent in the NES Strider, the country and related events are briefly summarised in the game's manual.[1]

Mongolia is a large country located in the middle of the Asian continent, chosen by Hiryu to become his new home following his retirement from the Striders. The selected area is an expansive prairie with a small plateau, which is also home to a group of Mongolian nomads who had set up a village at the foot of the plateau. Hiryu has befriended the villagers, but kept his past as a Strider a secret.


Hiryu arrived at the place around the year 2046, at least six months after the mission where he was forced to murder his sister[2]. He spent two years living peacefully atop the plateau together with Rin, a young nomad girl he met at the place[3]. As far as he was aware, only Director Kuramoto knew of his exact whereabouts following his retirement.[4]

This proved to be wrong, though, when Matic suddenly appeared at the village planning to force Hiryu into a final mission: to assassinate Kain, who was captured by Kazakh forces. Initially refusing, Hiryu had to reluctantly accept once Matic started threatening the safety of the villagers and Rin. Before leaving, however, the village elder told him that everyone knows he's a good person, and that he'll always be welcomed back.

Native residents[]

A small girl that's part of the Mongolian nomads living at the base of the plateau. Hiryu met her at the plateau when he first arrived, and has been living with her ever since.
Mongolia elder.png
The village's elder and possibly leader of the group. He is among the crowd witnessing Matic's arrival and later watches Hiryu's violent display of skill when he stops two Striders from attacking the crowd. Altough he was shocked by this, he later approaches Hiryu just as he's about to leave and tells him that, no matter why he came or where he must go now, he knows he's an honest man and that he must return, as everyone and Rin understands this as well.


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