Str mosqueman and rascal art

Official Arcade art

Mosqueman {モスクマン) is one of the stage enemies found in the original Strider and most of its ports. It's one of the more recognizable machines in the game, alongside the likes of the Flying Mosqueman and Rascal robots, specially for the unique sound he does when approaching the player.

A four-legged robot with a round spinning head, Mosqueman is one of the many defense mechanism used by the Kazakh Federation. It was designed by the Mosqueman Research Staff by request of General Mikiel and the Kazakh council, to serve as a defense robot capable of moving through the oval point-shaped rooftops of the mosques in St. Petersburg[1]. The research team completed development of a prototype 2 and a half months ahead of schedule, but it did not met the council's "aesthetic sense", which earned them their fury and banishment to Siberia[1]. Despite this, and the later creation of the Flying Mosqueman, several Mosqueman robots were still employed as part of the city's defense system.


Enemy Type: Robot
Hit Points: 4 HP
Score: 0 PTS (Arcade)

300 PTS (Genesis)

Appears in Stage 1 (St. Petersburg) and Stage 5 (The Third Moon). Also appears in the PC-Engine-exclusive stage (Oil Fields).

An octopus-shaped robot that spins its head around as it walks with its four legs[2], the Mosqueman is designed with the steep geography of the Mosque's rooftops in mind[3]. Mosqueman's main method of attack is a powerful laser beam it shoots from its "eye". It can also use several mini-missiles stored inside its body, which are shot upwards and then rain back down. The missiles are mostly used when a target is located directly above the robot.

This enemy's most recognizable feature is the strange thumping sound it makes as it strolls around the area, indicating they are in close proximity.


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