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Mr. Elephant (ゾウサン) is a minor stage enemy from the first Strider and most of its ports. Its name likely comes from its front being shaped like an elephant's head, completed with the spear-like weaponry in the place of its tusks. This enemy is also simply called the Elephant-Type Robot (ゾウ型ロボット).[1]

This enemy has been sometimes called the "Frog Robot", a name which appears in the English manual of the Mega Drive port, but in reality that name belongs to the other similar two-legged robot enemy found in the game, known by the simple name Frog.


Appears in Stage 3 (Flying Battleship Balrog) and Stage 5 (The Third Moon)

A two-legged elephant-type robot part of Grandmaster Meio's army, developed by one of the research staff under his direct orders[2]. This robot has two methods of attack: it can extend its two spear-like tusks forward to strike its target, or release player-seeking missiles from its back.[3]

Mr. Elephant moves by hopping forwards and backwards, trying to close distance on Hiryu. It attacks by using both its spears and shooting a barrage of missiles which moves in erratic patterns. Due to this combination of close and far range attacks, and its relative higher number of Hit Points, it becomes one of the more challenging stage enemies.

Design Notes[]

Both the Frog and Mr. Elephant robots appear to have been named after Japanese children's songs, the "Frog's Song" and "Elephant Song" respectively. In the latter case its even more apparent as "Zousan" is both the song's title and part of the lyrics. This is similar to the inspiration behind Ouroboros, who was based off an old children's book.


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