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Mutant mushrooms from Strider 2

Mushroom enemies appear in two games of the series: Poison Mushrooms (毒キノコ) are a minor stage enemy in the original Strider and most of its ports, while a kind of enemy that resembles a mutated mushroom (in line with the Mutant Animals found in the same area) appears in Strider 2, in the Playstation-exclusive "Mission 00".


Strider (CPS-1)[]

Appears in Stage 4 (Amazon)

A type of mushroom that exists within the Amazon. It grows in the soil, trees and walls of both the initial area and the Amazoness' village, suddenly generating as soon as Hiryu pass through their generation point. A short time after being approached, they swell up and start exploding violently[1], releasing a poisonous cloud that damages Hiryu.

Attacking them will make them explode the same way, harming Hiryu if he's close enough to the poisonous cloud.

Strider 2[]

Appears in Stage 0 (El Dorado), Scene 1.

What appears to be a mutant variety of mushroom that grows in the rocks of the Guaiquinima Falls in South America's Guayana area. They appear in groups of three, and constantly release spores as harmful projectiles, which slowly fall back as if parachuting down. They have a tendency to shoot spores at a quick rate, though this time both the mushrooms and spores can be easily destroyed with less problems.


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