This article describes scrapped enemy concepts related to the Mutant Animals enemy set from Strider 2. All these enemies were intended to appear in the "ruins stage", El Dorado.[1]

Armored TigerEdit

Str2 unused armored tiger

Armored Tiger

The Armored Tiger (ヨロイタイガー) is a scrapped Hybrid creature, combining a tiger with an armadillo's hard shell. Resembling a stripped tiger, the Armored Tiger's shell was segmented in parts and found primarily on its back and hind legs, and smaller parts covered half of its front legs and the tail. The armor allowed it freedom of movement.

It'd have attacked Hiryu by curling itself into a ball and performing a rolling charge at him.

Air CobraEdit

Str2 unused air cobra

Air Cobra

The Air Cobra (エアコブラ) is a strange mutant animal. It takes the appearance of a large, red cobra with white and black markings, but with the unique feature of having two bodies/tails instead of one.

Its behavior is unknown, but one of its artwork pieces and its name seems to suggest it'd have the ability to fly or glide across areas using the membrane behind its head.

Bull BoarEdit

Str2 unused bull boar

Bull Boar

The Bull Boar (イノウシ) is a scrapped hybrid creature with the body of a large boar and four big, curved horns coming out of its forehead and jaw. A seemingly simple enemy, the Bull Boar would have simply charged at Hiryu and, if it connected, catapult him backwards.

Earth CrocodileEdit

Str2 unused earth croc

Earth Crocodile

The Earth Crocodile (ツチワニ) is a scrapped hybrid creature combining a crocodile with a mole. While its appearance mainly resembles a large crocodile, it lacks eyes and its two frontal legs are enlarged and featured shovel-like nails, resembling mole hands. As such, this mutant animal was capable of digging and moving underground as if it were in water.

It appears the Earth Crocodile would have burrowed underground and attack Hiryu when in close proximity, coming out to catch him in a way similar to a shark.

Golden JackalEdit

Str2 unused golden jackal

Golden Jackal

The Golden Jackal (ゴールデンジャッカル) is a scrapped non-hybrid mutant, presumably a jackal with yellow/gold-colored fur. It doesn't appear to feature any unusual physical mutations, and it appears it'd have attacked by lunging at Hiryu, perhaps similarly to the Siberian Wolf from the first game.

Rocket BeetleEdit

Str2 unused rocket beetle

Rocket Beetle

The Rocket Beetle (ロケットビートル) is a scrapped mutant. It resemble a large, purple beetle whose wings are shaped and function like jet thrusters, allowing it to fly at high speed. It is unknown how this enemy would have behaved, but likely it simply charged at Hiryu and attempted to ram him.


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