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Neo Hong Kong City (ネオホンコンシティー) is the first stage in Strider 2. The stage's official full name is "Take out the terrorists who are occupying the city" (都市占拠テロ殲滅, lit. Eliminate the Terrorists Taking the City).


Originally known as the city of Hong Kong, Neo Hong Kong has now become a megacity with a distinct two-layer structure formed by Upper and Lower districts[2][4]. Recently constructed on top of the older area of the city[2][4], the Upper district has the appearance of a futuristic metropolis with hovering Aircars running across the skies of the residential areas, as well as high-rise buildings and huge skyscrapers taking over its skyline. The city's wealthy and greedy upper class live in this area, having moved away from the older sections of the city[2][4]. In turn, the lower and older district soon became abandoned slums overrun with derelict and ruined buildings[2][4], and inhabited by the poorer social castes. As a result of this Neo Hong Kong City is known as "the megacity of corruption and decadence".[5]

The city has been taken over by the Chinese Mafia through a violent terrorist strike, prompting Hiryu to come out from beneath the city's dark alleys to stop and exterminate all terrorists, wondering himself if "that man" is the one pulling the strings from the shadows[6]. Infiltrating from the lowest part of the city where the destruction has advanced the most[6], Hiryu proceeds throughout the city's two districts all the way to the highest point, eliminating all the Mafia's armed goons and hired assassins in his path, and finally destroying their trump card: the mechanical Emperor Dragon.


Lower Class Detroyed Area (下部階層被破壊エリア)
Known as "Neo Hong Kong City" in the English script.

The bottom of the Lower district, who has suffered not only the abandonment of all but the lowest classes but also the brunt of the terrorist strike. Formed by what was once the old Hong Kong, most of the area consists of a long concrete street that has suffered heavy damage, being shown cracked, sunken and broken apart into sections. Several neon signs can be seen in the background, promoting bussiness such as the "Neo Hong Kong Cinematheque" and a restaurant. Broken remains of old cars are scattered across the whole area as well.

Hiryu starts out in a small sunken area of the street, followed by an elevated section. Across this area he fights off the Chinese Mafia's grunt troops and flying Shishi turrets. The road splits into several small pits before reaching the Transport, Hiryu's first boss enemy. After destroying it, there's a long pit and a final stretch of road at the other side. After clearing the pit, Hiryu faces the Terrorist Honghuo in front of a burning car.

Lower Class Upper Area (下部階層 天面エリア)
Known as "The slums of the city" in the English script.

An urban area which appears to be a wide corridor or tunnel which zig-zags up then down, and ends in a small hall protected by the Mafia's Spider Form. At the end of this hall stands a building and an ascending path, which leads into a large spacious exterior area. This area is a long ascending incline housing a large lift platform which slowly moves up and down, leading into a vent connected to the next area. A large sign portraying an unknown old man (perhaps the city's governor) can be seen atop the building on the right.

Hiryu faces the 2nd Spider Form in this area, using the lift to reach it as it flies high above him; then confronts the final Spider Form after it descends from the vent.

Class-Connecting Elevator Room (階層連結昇降室)
Known as "A dirty passageway" in the English script.

The middle point of Neo Hong Kong, which connects the Lower district with the Upper one. This area is clearly split into two sections: the lower floor appears to be an abandoned shopping mall, while the top floor is a large circular room with four moving platforms in the middle. The background of this area is a large window with a view of the city's residential area.

Hiryu starts in front of a working moving stairway faced by the Mafia's goons. Dashing upwards, there's an opening into the ceiling reaching into the top floor, and a small room all the way east with a few crates. The top floor has a constant surge of Goblins and flying turrets, as well as items at each wall and on top of the platforms. Hiryu must travel upwards through the platforms and walls to reach the small exit in the ceiling.

Upper Class Residential Area (上部階層居住エリア)
Known as "The high society residential area" in the English script.

The residential areas of the Upper district, where the upper class makes a living. The area Hiryu arrives to is a heavily transited aerial route, where Aircars can be seen driving back and forth around huge skyscrapers. In this short area Hiryu faces the Kuniang martial arts team, jumping from one moving vehicle to another while avoiding their deadly kick attacks.

Upper Class Highest Area (上部階層最頂エリア)
Known as "The wealthy area of the city" in the English script.

The highest area in the city, atop the rooftops of the buildings inhabited by the most wealthy members of society. Hiryu begins in a rooftop connected to a construction site, an I-beam structure filled with Goblins. At the start, a crane next to the construction site is raised, blocking Hiryu's path. It lowers only after destroying the two Tiger Forms. Following the crane, there's a large satellite dish where Solo ambushes Hiryu. After the battle, Solo moves away to a nearby set of rooftops for the final battle.

This final area is set on the top of two rooftops with a wide gap between them, and a large skyscraper standing to the right, which can be climbed all the way up for a few hidden Score Up items.

Neo Hong Kong Skies (ネオホンコン 上空)
Known as "The skies of Neo Hong Kong" in the English script.

For the final confrontation against the Emperor Dragon, the machine takes Hiryu to the skies of Neo Hong Kong. Hiryu battles the mechanical dragon as it twists and turns above the skyscrapers, attempting to throw him off to his death.

Stage Enemies[]

Enemies present in this stage include:

Hidden Items[]

A listing of locations for all known hidden Score Up items in this stage.



  • Neohongkong 202x.png
    One of the neon signs in the background of the first area shows the number "202x", perhaps an indication of the year the game takes place. The sign itself appears to read "Sparrow Restaurant" (雀飯店), which is possible to be "Vermillion Bird Restaurant" (朱雀飯店), with one more word "" ("Vermillion") added.
  • The large sign in the second area has written the phrase Tenjō Tenge Yuiga Dokuson (天上天下唯我独尊), a phrase attributed as being the first words of Gautama Buddha ("In the heavens above and (earth) beneath I alone am the honoured one."). This sentence is ascribed to every Buddha, and so this is possibly implying that Grandmaster Meio is worshipped as one himself.


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