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Novo (ノボ) is a minor boss character from the first Strider and all its ports. It appears as a mini-boss in both the first and final stages in the game. Its name may come from the Russian word for "new" (ново).

In the 2014 Strider, several Novos appear as a type of door lock mechanism.


Strider (CPS-1)[]

Novo is a personal laser battery installed for self-defense purposes[1], an irregular-shaped pod with 4 laser emitters on its top and what appears to be an eye on its front, as well as a red energy gauge that depletes as it receives damage. This defense mechanism shoots high-powered lasers in fixed trajectories[1], which then change directions as they reflect off the walls and ceilings of the room.[2][1]

Hiryu finds Novo installed at the top floor of the central Mosque in St. Petersburg, where it rises from the floor when activated. Novo has a specific repeating pattern: it shoots 2 lasers in a wide angle, which reflect off mostly close to both ends of the room; then 2 lasers in a closed angle, which reflects off the celing and come down near Novo itself; and finally it shoots both sets of lasers at the same time, 4 total, covering most of the room. Each pattern leaves an open space, where one must stand to avoid damage.

Hiryu runs into a second Novo built in a similar room within the Third Moon. This Novo, however, skips the basic laser patterns and uses the final 4-laser attack exclusively.

Strider (2014)[]

A city model Novo

The Novo, also called an Eye Gate (アイゲート), is a type of door controller used throughout Kazakh City. With a similar appearance to the original, these Novos require a large charge of plasma in order to unlock. Hiryu's normal Cypher charge is not enough, so he can only unlock these doors by using his "Charged Cypher" ability. Once charged, the Novo's frontal energy gauge fills up and it, together with its "eye" and the three emitters on its top, glow green.

There's a Novo model for each of the four main areas (City, Military Ring, Underground and Research Facility), and a Novo is also used as the switch to activate the Chaos Engine in Meio's Tower.



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