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Oil Fields (油田) is the exclusive extra stage created for the PC Engine port of Strider[1]. It is the 2nd stage in order following St. Petersburg, although the player can remove it from the stage order by turning it off in the Options menu.


The Oil Fields are an area under direct control of the Kazakh Federation and its armies. Found in the middle of an unnamed desert near its capital city, the area encompasses a part of the desert, a Kazakh-owned large oil refinery and a small military camp for Kazakh troops.

Following the fall of St. Petersburg, one soldier took the Sovkhoz Я tank and quickly escaped toward this area[1][2]. Discovered by the Striders' recon satellite, Hiryu's Navigator instructs him to pursue the tank into the desert[2]. Finding himself in enemy territory, Hiryu makes his way across the desert and refinery, and eventually reaches the military camp and the runaway soldier. After destroying the tank in battle, however, the soldier mocks Hiryu, revealing the Flying Battleship Balrog would soon take off from Siberia.


Note: Area names are not official.

Hiryu starts in a simple desert area with a few onion-domed buildings seen in the background, and swarmed by Desert Soldiers. The path eventually leads into an area with metal walkways, and finally into a pit with a few platforms over it. At the other side there's a descent into a sandpit, where Hiryu fights the Giant Antlion.

Oil Refinery
A giant machine with several pipes and cylinders showing the Kazakh half-star logo, the oil refinery is found in a small plateau high above Hiryu. After climbing the plateau, Hiryu makes his way through the ascending pipes while fighting Mosqueman robots. The final area of the refinery is a straight path through several exhausts releasing fire at short intervals. The player has to time the jumps in-between the exhausts to pass unharmed.

Military Camp
Coming down the plateau, Hiryu arrives at the military camp. This area is a straight path as well, displaying several tents in the background. Hiryu confronts an army vehicle mid-way through this area, and faces the Tank Driver at the end.

Stage Enemies[]

Enemies present in this stage include:



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