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The Penguin Bomb (ペンギン爆弾)[1] is a minor stage enemy from Strider 2


Appears in Stage 3 (Antarctica Research Lab), Scene 1.

The Penguin Bombs are small robots shaped like penguins which explode on contact. These little machines are equipped with jet thrusters on their backs and ski feet, allowing them to dash quickly across snow in their attempt to self-destruct by hitting the enemy. Once Hiryu enters their line of sight, the Penguin Bombs first lower their bodies to stand perpendicular to the ground, then propel themselves at high speed to strike him.

Hiryu finds a group of them in the middle of the lab's exterior security zone, either alone or carried by the Cold Weather Models. Although a bit of a nuisance when around other enemies, Hiryu can harmlessly destroy them in mid-flight before they can damage him. A number of Penguin Bombs also fall down from above during the boss battle against the Missile Mobile.

Their given scores appear to be glitched, as they give uncharacteristically big points (4700) for such a small enemy, and even give points when they succeed in hitting Hiryu. The PlayStation port corrects this mistake, now providing 600 points and no score for hitting Hiryu.



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