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The Phantom Train (ファントムトレイン)[1] is a location found only in the NES Strider. It isn't an actual stage, but the first section of the Egypt stage. There's a passing mention in the manga about a trans-siberian railway under Kazakh's control[2], which may have been the inspiration behind this part of the game.

The Phantom Train is a secret means of transportation used by the Kazakh Secret Police. It's known to connect Kazakh with the Egypt base. The train consists of 8 railroad cars with automatic guns and soldiers serving its defense, with most cars featuring the Kazakh Federation's half-star symbol on their sides. It appears to be controlled by an eye-like computer engine located on the train's last car.

After discovering the Secret Police Commander has traveled to Egypt using it, Hiryu follows suit.

Train Engine[]

The Train Engine is the eye-like computer that controls the Phantom Train. Hiryu confronts the enemies and soldiers on top of the Phantom Train as it moves, and then faces the engine itself at the end. Upon its destruction, the train stops moving and Hiryu continues on with his mission in Egypt.

The engine sits atop a small column at the final car of the train, and is protected by a single three-barreled cannon located at the side of the car. The cannon doesn't move and simply shoots three bullets upwards from its position constantly. Hiryu can jump behind the core by either carefully moving around the bullets or taking a bit of damage, placing him in a position where the cannon can't reach him and he can easily destroy the core.


  1. This is how the train is called in the Strider Hiryu famicom prototype
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