The Phantom Unit (幽霊師団) is an antagonistic organization featured in Strider Hiryu Gaiden.


The Phantom Unit is a self-proclaimed terrorist group[1]. All members of the unit are dressed in military-patterned camo uniforms and equipment, and wield automatic machine guns, while several of them also sport mohawk hairstyles. Based on their equipment, its possible the unit may have been a military unit that has gone rogue. The unit is lead by the vicious Zangi Brothers and has a fortress base on a frozen tundra in some undisclosed location.

Following the arrest of one of their members, the Phantom Unit retaliated by kidnapping the leading authority on nuclear fusion, Dr. J. Hogan. They then demanded to the government in charge the release of their own in exchange of the doctor's safety[1]. The Striders are then approached and, a month after the kidnapping, start a rescue mission.

Assigned the mission to rescue Hogan and eliminate the entire unit, Hiryu travels and breaks into their secret base, killing a group of soldiers who stood in his path. During his confrontation with the Zangi Brothers, Hiryu kills the remaining soldiers and finally the two brothers, putting an end to the terrorist group for good.


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