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Pickup Cradle artwork

Pickup Cradles, also known as Upgrade Cradles, are a type of item pickup present in the 2014 Strider.

The Pickup Cradle is a small, golden machine found spread all throughout Kazakh City, which keeps inside several different plasma upgrades for Hiryu to collect. Activated when approached, they spread and open up to reveal the type of upgrade found inside. The most important cradles are guarded by Grandmaster Meio's generals, while the lesser upgrades are usually hidden beneath sealed doors or secret rooms.


Most of the Technique upgrades Hiryu finds are required in order to advance, and thus are often in plain view. They are usually activated after defeating a boss character.

Kunai Upgrades[]

Main article: Kunai

Plasma Catapult Upgrades[]

The Plasma Catapult technique can be upgraded with four plasma forms, mirroring the same ones used by the Cypher and Kunai upgrades.

Plasma Catapult Upgrades
Name Location Information
Reflect Plasma Catapult Military Ring
Military Prison
Requirements: None
Found in the southwest three-tiered area in the Prison, south from The Prisoner's cell.
Ultra-Cold Plasma Catapult Research Facility
Cloning Chamber
Requirements: Plasma Catapult, Double Jump
Found in a small room high up in the northeast wall. The upgrade is found on the other end of a large electric grid covering the floor and ceiling, requiring both the Plasma Catapult and double jumping to clear across.
Explosive Plasma Catapult Underground
Underground Outpost
Requirements: None
In the room right after defeating the Magmapede.
Magnetic Plasma Catapult Military Ring
Upper Military
Requirements: Magnetic Cypher
There's a long room with two Magnetic Doors in each end, with a breakable floor near its middle. Break through it to enter an area filled with turrets, which must be all destroyed to unlock the door in the room's bottom that holds the upgrade.

Health Upgrades[]

Health Upgrades increases the amount of damage Hiryu can endure. Hiryu's health bar at the start can only be filled to 1/11 of its total length, but it increases a little with each new upgrade obtained.

There are a total of 10 Health Upgrades. Collecting them all unlocks the Achievement/Trophy "Health Nut".

Health Upgrades
Name Location Information
Health Upgrade 1/10 Kazakh Outskirts
Inspection Station C
Requirements: Charged Cypher
In the room before the entrance to Vityaz-1's chamber there's a grate in the ground where Hiryu can swing downwards. There's a Novo below, right in front of an Ultra-Cold Door, which opens up the room with the upgrade.
Health Upgade 2/10 Kazakh City
Monument Square
Requirements: None
East of the starting point, right after a Save Room.
Health Upgade 3/10 Kazakh City
Historical Zone
Requirements: Down Strike
Right before the entrance to the Cathedral, there are two breakable floors. The item is found in a small space below them.
Health Upgade 4/10 Kazakh City
Lower Transit Station
Requirements: Slide Assault
In the large area with active trains, ignore the path downwards and continue west until you find a small entrance blocked by a ventilation shaft, break through to claim the upgrade.
Health Upgade 5/10 Kazakh City
Ministry of Propaganda
Requirements: Slide Assault
In a small room behind a ventilation shaft in the east wall of the building, near its top.
Health Upgade 6/10 Military Ring
Lower Military Zone
Requirements: Down Strike
In the second large chamber, seen above the first chamber after entering the area. There's a large shaft linking it with the first large chamber below, which requires the Down Strike to break through. Once the floor is broken, climb back into the shaft to reach the small room in the middle where the upgrade is found.
Health Upgade 7/10 Military Ring
The Gauntlet
Requirements: None
Awarded after surviving the Prison's Gauntlet.
Health Upgade 8/10 Processing
Organics Repurposing Center
Requirements: Down Strike
In the area with the PNUT spawn points. There's a breakable floor in between the two spawn points, break through to find the upgrade.
Health Upgade 9/10 Research Facility
Robotics Assembly Line
Requirements: None
Awarded after defeating the first Brainwalker.
Health Upgade 10/10 Underground
The Underground Dump
Requirements: Plasma Catapult
In the first room with lava, rather than continuing down the shaft, jump over it to the other side to find the upgrade standing next to the rock wall.

Energy Upgrades[]

Energy Upgrades increases the amount of energy Hiryu can use when activating the Options or using Kunai. Identical to the Health Upgrade, these increase the amount of the Energy Bar that can be filled.

There are a total of 10 Energy Upgrades.

Energy Upgrades
Name Location Information
Energy Upgrade 1/10 Kazakh City
Historical Zone
Requirements: Slide Assault
Follow a set of rooms below the Cathedral, finding a set of ventilation shafts to break through. There's a large room with PNUTs flying around and a second ventilation shaft, holding the upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 2/10 Industry
Construction Zone
Requirements: None
In the initial area there's a building structure near a crane. Reach its top, then drop below to enter its frame and find the upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 3/10 Industry
Construction Zone
Requirements: None
Right at the entrance to the Kazakh Grand Dam. Drop below the two cranes until reaching the bottom floor, then walk west through two doors.
Energy Upgrade 4/10 Military Ring
Upper Military
Requirements: Plasma Catapult
Catapult through the Plasma Rings in the large shaft to reach the chamber housing this upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 5/10 Industry
Carbon Charging Area
Requirements: Explosive Cypher
Next to the entrance to the Ventilation Station are two Explosive Doors. Go through them and defeat the enemies there to claim the upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 6/10 Industry
Carbon Charging Area
Requirements: Option-A
In the area right below the Winds' boss room there's a small room under the floor, accessed by swinging down a nearby grate. Go through the area until you reach the Bot Interface and activate it. This will deactivate three fast pistons found two floors below, next to a switch. Travel downwards to this area and go through to find the upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 7/10 Processing
Sewage Repurposing
Requirements: None
In the large room with the acid water and two Large Canister, in a small island in the southeast corner.
Energy Upgrade 8/10 Military Headquarters
Motor Pool
Requirements: Explosive Cypher
In the area with the Sovkhoz tank in the background, there's an Explosive Door high up in the west wall. Climb and open it to get the upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 9/10 Research Facility
Recycling Center
Requirements: None
Right after entering the area, there's a grate you can swing down. There's a laser beam blocking the path, so move around it to reach the bottom and find the upgrade.
Energy Upgrade 10/10 Underground
Refuse Processing
Requirements: Ultra-Cold Cypher
There's an Ultra-Cold Door right across the first descending shaft in the area. The upgrade is right behind it.

Energy Recharge Upgrades[]

Energy Recharge Upgrades increase the speed at which Hiryu's Energy Bar regenerates itself.

There are a total of 5 Recharge Upgrades. Collecting these and the Energy Upgrades from above unlocks the Achievement/Trophy "You've Got The Power".

Energy Recharge Upgrades
Name Location Information
Energy Recharge Upgrade 1/5 Industry
Construction Zone
Requirements: Double Jump
In the area in front of the Grand Dam, near the first large crane, there's a small vent in the west building (before a long descent). Go through the long shaft down until you enter the building. There's electric grids all over this area, so maneuver around them with double jumps until the top, where the upgrade awaits.
Energy Recharge Upgrade 2/5 Military Ring
Lower Military Zone
Requirements: Slide Assault
Found early in the area, at the top of the shaft with the pistons. In the east wall there's a ventilation shaft, slide through it and follow the path to the upgrade.
Energy Recharge Upgrade 3/5 Processing
Sewage Repurposing
Requirements: None
In the western hallway that leads back to the Industry district, in an small chamber below ground. Access it by swinging down the grate covering it.
Energy Recharge Upgrade 4/5 Processing
Lower Black Market
Requirements: None
Right after entering the area, climb all the way up to a pipe in the ceiling. Move to its middle and press up, entering the pipe. Run east for the upgrade.
Energy Recharge Upgrade 5/5 Military Headquarters
Command Center (Upper HQ)
Requirements: Down Strike
In the room with the two Magnetic Doors coming from the west entrance, under a breakable floor.