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A Plasma Capacitor (プラズマキャパシター) is a type of device introduced in the 2014 Strider as part of Hiryu's basic equipment.


The Plasma Capacitor used on the boots

Plasma capacitors are small devices employed by the Striders as part of their agents' standard equipment. These little mechanisms have the ability to store plasma energy within them, possibly accumulated from the energy generated by the Strider, and then expel it to perform different techniques.

A Strider's uniform includes three plasma capacitors:

  • A mechanical Gauntlet equipped on the left arm, which is capable of ejecting a large amount of plasma at once to perform a high-speed dash technique known as the Plasma Catapult[1][2]. The gauntlet can also interface with Plasma Rings to propel the user even further.
  • Two smaller capacitors at the heels of their metal boots[3], which can release smaller bursts of plasma energy which allows its user to perform a second jump in mid-air. They also enhance the power of the sliding kick, allowing it to slash through metal.

Plasma Driver[]

A Plasma Driver (プラズマドライバー) is a similar type of device that employs plasma to enhance the user's speed. Four of these drivers were implanted in the limbs of Strider Koja, granting him a superhuman increase in movement speed.[4]

While seemingly more powerful than the basic plasma capacitors, the drivers are highly susceptible to powerful gravity/magnetic fields, like the ones generated by the Gravitron. This led to Koja's demise after he infiltated Kazakh City and the magnetic field from the Gravitron sealed his movements.[4]


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