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The Plasma Whirlwind (プラズマ旋風) is the special melee ability utilized by Tong Pooh and her sisters, featured in both the original Strider and Strider 2.


The Kuniang M.A. Team are experts in their own original form of martial arts, which they had perfected to a degree far beyond ordinary people[1][2]. This is reflected primarily in the strength of their legs, which are so powerful they can generate a blade of plasma when they kick, called a "Plasma Whirlwind". This plasma edge is identical in form and strength to the edge of Hiryu's Cypher[1][2], which means their kicks are sharp enough to cut through any material effortlessly. Although they can create Plasma Whirlwinds with any form of kicking, they are often seen using a quick back-turning kick as a signature attack.

Although exactly how the three sisters managed to develop such a powerful skill is unknown, it is believed to be a natural-born ability.

Strider (CPS-1)[]

The Kuniang Team's Plasma Whirlwinds

The Kuniang M.A. Team possess an unique, special technique which they use to create plasma whirlwinds called the Back Spin Kick (バックスピンキック). After striking down a pose, the sisters leap forward and perform a full turn in mid-air, and once their backs are facing their target they thrust their legs to perform a back kick which generates a long, horizontal arc of plasma in its wake. The plasma is identical to that of Hiryu's Cypher Attack, appearing a solid white with a red and blue outline.

Although the technique itself is the same, each Kuniang has a different strategy which determines when they use it.

Strider 2[]

In this incarnation, the three Kuniang sisters have been diversified and each now possess their own individual kick technique which they use to attack Hiryu.

Str2 tong kick.png Back Spin Kick
Tong Pooh performs the same special kick the sisters used originally. She jumps high in the air, turns around and when her back is facing Hiryu she thrusts her leg forward, generating an arc of green plasma in front of her.
Str2 bei kick.png Rapid Kicks
Pei Pooh's unique attack consists of a quick series of kicks, each trailed by a red blade of plasma. When she's in front of Hiryu, Pei Pooh spins around and strikes with three roundhouse kicks: first a low shin kick, then a straight kick and finally a high kick.
Str2 sai kick.png Flying Kick
Sai Pooh's technique is an angled dive kick engulfed in blue plasma, the simplest of the three attacks. When in front of Hiryu, Sai Pooh jumps into the air, rolls in mid-air and then drops down quick with a diagonal dive kick aimed at him.

The trio also possess two shared techniques, which replace their individual attack when one of them is defeated. The first technique is used by the two remaining sisters, while the second is used by the last surviving one. Their specific ability is also upgraded further, as now they not only generate Plasma Whirlwinds with their kicks, but also shoot circular plasma projectiles from them.

Str2 somersault kick.png Somersault Kick
The first of the two universal techniques. The Kuniang using it crouches down, then jumps up and performs a full back flip in mid-air, leaving behind a trail of plasma from her legs. Besides the Plasma Whirlwind, the attack also shoots a plasma orb forward.
Str2 threeway kick.png Three-Way Kick
The second of the two universal techniques. The Kuniang using it jumps into the air, and while staying in mid-air kicks three times at three different angles (down, center and upward), each kick trailed by plasma and shooting an orb at each direction.

Strider (2014)[]

Nang Pooh performing the dive kick

Most of the Plasma Whirlwind techniques are not featured in the 2014 Strider, since the Four Winds attack primarily using their weapons of choice instead of melee strikes. The only exception is Sai Pooh's Flying Kick, which is used by all three winds and their master Xi Wang Mu. When using it, the sisters jump straight up, and once they reach the apex of the jump they then perform an angled dive kick engulfed in plasma energy of the sister's color of choice.

This technique is usually seen when the sisters are fighting together, in an attempt to restrict Hiryu's movement space.

Other appearances[]

  • The Kuniang Team's signature technique, the Back Spin Kick, has been featured in most of Tong Pooh's crossover appearances, albeit with different names:
    • Tong Pooh's assist attack in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is a recreation of the original Back Kick, and she yells "Deadly Plasma Leg" (必殺プラズマ脚) when performing it.
    • In Namco × Capcom, Tong Pooh and her clones use the move as their basic attack, under the name "Jumping Back Turning Kick" (跳び後ろ回し蹴り).
    • In Project X Zone 2, Tong Pooh uses the Back Kick as the final attack in both her single-target attack "Plasma Kick" (プラズマ蹴り) and her multi-target MAP attack "Triple Plasma Kick" (三連プラズマ蹴り, localized as "Clone Plasma Kick"). In the latter, she performs the move in synchrony with her two sisters.
    • The ability is featured in Tong Pooh's card description from SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS and as a skill in Street Fighter × All Capcom, under the name "Plasma Leg" (プラズマ脚). In the localization of the former, this ability is renamed "Plasma Scythes" instead.
  • Tong Pooh also performs the two shared techniques from Strider 2: she and her clones use the Somersault Kick as their Special attack in Namco × Capcom, and the Three-Way Kick is part of her multi-target MAP attack in Project X Zone 2. Additionally, Tong Pooh also performs an original plasma-enhanced upper kick in her single-target attack, to launch her target upwards.



Kirin's energy kicks

  • Kirin from Osman is also capable of generating similar long blades of energy with his kicks when fully powered-up. According to Isuke, Kirin was designed from the start as being related to the "Tong Pooh clan"[3], so this is intended to be the same ability. One of the game's bosses, Tianon, can create larger blades of energy with any of her limbs, but its unknown if this is the same ability as Kirin's.
  • Although the signature Back Spin Kick is not featured in the 2014 Strider game, Tong Pooh is seen performing the move in the main artwork from the Limited Edition special bundle.

Zeku's Bushin Gram

  • Zeku from Street Fighter V has a special move called Bushin Gram, in which he performs a full turning kick to generate a shockwave with extended reach. While this is a nod to Hiryu's Cypher arc (and his special move Gram from Marvel vs. Capcom), the move also bears a strong resemblance to the Kuniang's plasma-enhanced turning kicks, as well as to Kirin's own roundhouse kicks. One of the Bushin Gram variations is named "Teki", after the ancient Chinese tribe that's part of Kirin's background and has been implied to be related to the Kuniang sisters.


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