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Rascal (ラスカル) is a minor stage enemy from the first Strider and most of its ports, returning in the same capacity in Strider 2. Its name was translated Scoundrel in the English manual for the Mega Drive port.[1]

Its design, specifically the furhat, is the only leftover in-game of a scrapped idea Isuke had for a set of enemy robots wearing clothes.[2]


Strider (CPS-1)Edit

Rascal strider1
Enemy Type: Robot
Hit Points: 1 HP
Score: 100 PTS

Appears in Stage 1 (St. Petersburg)

A high-performance bipedal defense robot designed to serve the defense of the capital city of Kazakh[3][4], designed by the Rascal Research Staff over the course of 12 years[5]. Rascals are small humanoid robots wearing raccoon skin hats and wielding what appears to be a bayonet rifle. Rascal's designer proclaimed that since no other machine like this exists on the entire world (probably in reference to Rascal's human-like design), this made it the "final ultimate weapon"[5]. When ascending or descending slopes they don't walk normally but instead move slowly while doing small hops. Once they are close to a target, they start attacking with their blades, stabbing from their position. Despite wielding what appears to be a firearm, they never use it to shoot.

They are usually found moving in groups. Their small size works as an advantage to them, as normal attacks go right above them, and one needs to crouch down in order the destroy them. One can also collide with them while they attempt to attack and send them tumbling down inclines uncontrollably.

Strider 2Edit

Rascal strider2
Enemy Type: Robot
Hit Points: 1 HP
Score: 200 PTS

Appears in Stage 3 (Antarctica Research Lab), Scene 1.

An updated version of the Rascal developed as a defense robot for Light Sword Cypher's Antarctica lab, possibly by Kraken Chemical. They are seen wandering around the ice chunks in the lab's outside perimeter. They now move normally without any hopping around, and once they are in range of their target, they attack by doing a jump forward with the weapon thrust ahead. This, however, tends to send them flying straight into the cold waters around them.


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