Rebel meeting

Rebel Army's meeting

The Rebel Army (反乱軍) is a group that appears during the Strider Hiryu manga. The group is also briefly mentioned in the prologue for the Arcade game, noting the ongoing war between them and the Kazakh Federation.[1][2]

Kazakh's Rebel Army was formed as the public dissatisfaction for the country's opressive and reckless dictatorship, which has led its domestic economy to a near crash, reached its peak[3]. As the group appears to be mostly formed by citizens, it lacks resources and proper training and struggles against the better-equipped Kazakh Secret Police. This situation leads its leaders to seek out the help of the Striders, setting the plot into motion.

Assigned for the mission, Kain and Sheena attended one of the meetings of the Rebel Army, just before their hideout was assaulted by the Secret Police.

Known MembersEdit

Rebel1 An outspoken member, he shows great disgust over Kain's disrespectful attitude during the meeting, and opposes hiring mercenaries who don't care about their situation. During the attack at the hideout, he's seen gunning down an enemy soldier before being vaporized by a shot from the T-48 tank.
Rebel2 A female rebel, she found Kain's behavior and constant advances on her very annoying. She couldn't believe such a man can be considered an elite professional, exclaiming that "terrorist" suited him better. She sustained fatal injuries following the explosion that destroyed the hideout, dying from being pierced by a large piece of debris.
Rebel3 The leader or head figure during the meeting. He calms down the animosity generated by Kain's attitude, assuring everyone that the Striders are very reliable agents. During the raid, he's shocked that their hideout has been discovered, and Kain has to snap him out of it. His fate afterwards is unknown.

At the end of the assault, the Secret Police reported a total of atleast 20 members at the scene, eighteen killed and two arrested, Kain included.[4]

Known BasesEdit

The Rebel Army had a hideout in a mostly abandoned and war-struck area of the Kazakh metropolis, which was used to hold secret meetings. Despite believing it was a safe location, somehow the Secret Police Commander discovered it and send a full-force assault, blowing up the hideout and killing most of the rebels there.

The Rebel Army also possess a safe house within a snowy forest, a small cabin which is used by Hiryu and Sheena after retrieving Kain and the kidnapped Secret Police Chief.[5]


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