The Reflect Cypher (リフレクトサイファー) is one of the four enhanced forms Hiryu can unlock in the 2014 Strider.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Reflect Cypher in action

One of the four enhanced plasma forms Hiryu has access to, the Reflect Cypher is the first one obtained, following his battle against Bounty Hunter Solo. Hiryu creates this form by concentrating plasma energy on the blade, creating a special coating of plasma on the Cypher which generates an unique magnetic field capable of repeling bullets by striking them[1]. When active, Hiryu's plasma output changes from its basic yellowish/purplish to a crimson tone, and it becomes Hiryu's default plasma color.

The Reflect Cypher can repel projectile fire from the Light Troopers' Custom Rifles, but doesn't work with larger caliber fire such as rockets. The Cypher will deflect any shot coming its way by simply striking it, sending it at a random direction. If Hiryu strikes the bullet with perfect timing as it closes on him, however, the bullet will then be redirected back at the enemy with great force, usually destroying it completely[1]. Perfect strikes can also be done using the Launcher attack or Charged Cypher skill as well. The Reflect Cypher can deflect more than a dozen shots simultaneously with a single swing, making it a valuable ability combining both offense and defense.[1]

Besides the basic Cypher form, Hiryu can also unlock Reflect-enhanced forms for his Kunai and Plasma Catapult techniques.

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