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The Black Marketer in the Abandoned Train Station

The Resistance (レジスタンス) is a minor faction introduced in the 2014 Strider, analogous to the Rebel Army from the original manga and Arcade game.

The Resistance is a small group within Kazakh City created in order to stand against Meio's Army. The group subsists in the deepest areas of the city's Underground under the leadership of the man known as the Black Marketer, who controls everything from his hideout in an abandoned train station.


The movement was originated by the Kazakh City Citizens who managed to escape the metropolis and Grandmaster Meio's tyrannical rule with their lives. With no other place to escape to, these survivors gathered in the depths of the Underground and eventually built an imporvished town, the Black Market, and several refugee camps[1]. A group of these people formed together a Resistance movement to oppose Meio and his army and eventually reclaim the homeland they were forced to abandon.[2]

The Black Marketer became the eventual leader of the movement. A former researcher who worked for Grandmaster Meio in the Gravitron, he escaped into the Underground out of regret after discovering the machine's true purposes[3]. Over time he became the protector of the refugee camps, and slowly gained the trust of the citizens who opposed Meio. This would eventually led him into becoming the leader of the Resistance.[3]

Recognizing they were in no way capable of facing Meio's Army and their superior forces, the Black Marketer decided for them to remain hidden and await the right time to counterattack[3]. General Mikiel is well aware of the Resistance brewing within the city and has taken measures to find and execute anyone affiliated with them[4], but the group has nonetheless managed to maintain their presence hidden.


The lower areas of the Transit Station have graffiti messages in clear opposition of the army's draconian control over the city. It's uncertain if these come from the citizens or the rebels themselves. They are all written in Russian:

  • Воин нас спасёт! ("The warrior will save us!")
  • Восстание! ("Insurrection!")
  • Остановишься на минуту — остановишься навсегда!!! ("Stop for a minute - Stop forever!!!")
  • Власть Казахграду! ("Power to Kazakhgrad!")
  • Свобода близка! ("Freedom is near!")
  • Разбей Мейо! ("Break Meio!")


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