Japanese: リン
Debut: Manga: Chapter 1
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Mongolian
Affiliation: Nomads

Rin (リン) or Lin (Japanese typically substitutes an R for an L sound in transliteration as there is no L in the Japanese language), is a minor character exclusive of the Strider Hiryu manga. She makes her appearance in Chapter 1.

A small girl part of the Mongolian nomads, she has been living with Hiryu ever since they met two years ago, in the same plateau Hiryu made a symbolic grave for himself and his late sister. For Hiryu, it is like having his sister there.

In contrast to Hiryu's solemn and quiet nature, Rin is an energetic and outspoken young girl, appearing cheerful and uplifting most of the time. She is a normal girl with no fighting ability; her most notable skill is a very good eyesight, a trait she says is natural to all Mongolian nomads.[1]





When Matic appears planning on forcing Hiryu to return to the Striders, he leaves with haste to confront him in town. Rin follows him, but as soon as she appears he yells at her to not come any closer. She stands with the other villagers as Matic orders two of his men to attack them, and watches as Hiryu saves them by violently hacking through the two men's arms. Scared, Rin cries and leaves with the other terrified villagers. This, however, fell in Matic's scheme, as revealing his past as an assassin to the villagers would force him to abandon the town. After Matic threatened the whole town, Hiryu had no choice but to accept.

Just as Hiryu is leaving town to comply to Matic's demands, he's approached by the villager elder, who reminds him that he'll always be welcomed back and that both the villagers and Rin understand his true feelings. With these words, Hiryu looks back one more time and departs.



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