Robot Claw (official name unknown) is a minor stage enemy exclusive of the NES version Strider.

Information[edit | edit source]

Appears in Africa, Australia (orange) and Red Dragon (red).

The Robot Claws are small mechanical enemies whose main characteristic is their claw-like top. There are two types of this enemy Hiryu faces during his mission.

The first type has an orange or yellow body with what appears to be small legs at both sides and a three-clawed top. This Robot Claw appears in groups at either the ground or ceiling of the cavern areas found in Africa and Australia. The claws on the floor stand in place and must be jumped over or destroyed, while the claws on ceilings descend whenever Hiryu walks below them and disappear upon reaching the ground.

The second type of Robot Claw has a red body with smaller "legs" at each side and a two-clawed top. This enemy is entirely static, appearing grafted onto the sides of the large magnetic wall on the Red Dragon's right side, and attacks by extending its claw forward. As Hiryu stands in the wall sideways it can be a little tricky to eliminate them.

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