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The Rotun shield[1], simply called Orb in-game, is a small defense object used by Hinjo in Strider II.


The Rotun is a small orb which serves Hinjo as a defense by spinning around him and damaging any enemy that comes into contact with it. It appears to be a replacement for the Options of the original, specifically Option A based on its similar behavior.

There are two different types of Rotun shields to be found: a basic version found in stages and a multiple-orb version used during boss battles.

Stage variant[]

StrII rotun pod.png

A basic, single orb can be found during stages as an item pick-up. It is found as a deactivated little black orb, and once picked up it will slowly spin around Hinjo while changing intermitently between black and gold colors. The orb moves rather slowly around Hinjo in a circular pattern, and can only damage enemies that enter into its range. It receives damage each time it makes contact with an enemy until it is destroyed.

This variation of Rotun is only featured in the original Strider II for Amiga and Atari ST and the Mega Drive port.

Boss variant[]

StrII rotun MS.png

A multiple-pod Rotun shield variant was introduced in the Master System, Mega Drive and Game Gear ports as a replacement for the Elite Mechanical Combat Unit during boss battles. The Rotun shield activates automatically once the stage boss is reached, but the player needs to find all Rotun shield energy in order to use it in full.

In the Master System and Game Gear the shield consists of four pods that are hidden in each of the five stages and must be collected before the boss battle. The shield activates even if only one pod is located, but finding them all grants the player an extra credit[1]. The full Rotun shield is made up of four transparent orbs with a gray core, and it can damage bosses through direct contact as well as block incoming projectiles.

StrRet rotun boss.png

In the Mega Drive port there's a second energy bar titled "Orb" found under Hinjo's health bar. This bar is segmented into five pieces, and it must be filled by picking up the "energy" power-ups. With a fully filled bar Hinjo gets a Rotun shield of five silver-colored orbs which once active start spinning around him. During boss battles the Orb energy bar works as a secondary health bar, taking damage and removing one orb for each hit Hinjo gets.


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