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Strider Rouga (ストライダー狼牙, meaning Wolf Fang) is a minor character introduced in the 2014 Strider, as part of the "Fallen Striders" costume/alternate color set.

Rouga was an A-Rank agent in the Striders, a promising Strider who excelled in Close-Quarters Combat or "CQC"[1]. Complimenting his fighting style, he wielded a plasma-enhanced dagger known as a Cy-dagger (サイ・ダガー) in battle.

Rouga had the special ability to perfectly hide his presence, becoming one with his surroundings at all times, a skill which allowed him to silently approach his targets[1]. Rouga wore a white chest armor over a dark blue set of chaps, under armor, leggings and leg wraps, along with a white mask and red shoes. He carried the first kanji of his name, "rou" (, wolf), as his personal emblem.


Strider (2014)[]

Rouga was one of the 11 agents who infiltrated Kazakh City previous to Hiryu, carrying the mission to assassinate Grandmaster Meio. Rouga was able to reach the Research Facility during his quest, but he was discovered by its overseer, Professor Schlange, and eventually fell before the scientific might of Meio's Army.[1]

Later during Hiryu's own infiltration, Schlange possibly references him when he attempts to use the advancing laser wall trap, stating that Hiryu was "not the first" Strider to infiltrate his facility. This may imply Rouga met his end in this very same trap.

Design Notes[]

Rouga's costume color scheme (dark blue with a white "shirt") is based off the primary color scheme of Hayato Kanzaki, main protagonist of Capcom's Star Gladiator series.[2]


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