Debut: Game: Strider (NES)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Unknown (presumed Japanese)
Affiliation: Striders
Strider Rank: C (implied)

Ryuzaki (ストライダーりゅうざき)[1] is a minor character from the NES Strider. His main purpose is to help the player with hints as to how to proceed in the game. 

Ryuzaki is a lower class Strider that carries out field missions presumably to distribute supplies to other agents on duty. He's known to have been in at least China and Kazakh, losing his "Attack Boots" on the former and leaving a disk recording mentioning that fact on the latter.


Strider (NES)Edit

Ryuzaki nes

Ryuzaki (NES)

Ryuzaki is first seen through a recording left on Kazakh, where he mentions leaving his Attack Boots on China. He's later found within Africa's underground caves, asking Hiryu to go for Matic, claiming "it's all his scheme". This hinting that he may have been doing some investigations himself.

On the Red Dragon, Ryuzaki infiltrated before Hiryu and helped him get through, by leaving his Cypher as a marker for him to follow the right direction. His whereabouts afterwards are unknown.


Ryuzaki wears a blue Shinobi Shozoku, with white armored gloves, pauldrons, and boots. This uniform is similar to the one used by the lower-ranked Striders in the manga, making him likely a C Class in the organization.


  • Since Ryuzaki's only purpose is to guide the player, he's never actually seen taking any action on-screen.
  • Despite having few appearances and almost no relevance to the plot itself, Ryuzaki remains quite a popular character among fans.
  • In the prototype version of the game, Ryuzaki's Disk #1 is found at the solitary cell in Kazakh's underground dungeon rather than at the entrance to the quarters. Perhaps the original intention was to imply Ryuzaki was held captive at that cell at some point before the game's events.


  1. This is how his name is rendered in the Strider Hiryu famicom prototype
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