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Savage Slash, also known by its Japanese name Midare-Giri (乱れ斬り, lit. Disorder Slice) and originally translated Slash Out[1], is one of Hiryu's new skills introduced in Strider 2.


Hiryu performing the Savage Slash

The Savage Slash is a fast multi-hit attack, performed by pressing down, up and attack while in mid-air. Once done, Hiryu performs an omni-directional attack taking the form of several Cypher slashes appearing all around him, while he does a rolling somersault in mid-air and then outstretches both his arms apart. This serves both as an offensive and defensive technique, as Hiryu is invulnerable for the attack's duration.

The Savage Slash is stronger and provides more points per kill than the basic Cypher attack, and it can also hit multiple times during the animation, making it an excellent technique against large bosses, specially if timed right to both attack and avoid the enemy's attack. Being also fast in execution and easy to perform, it can be quickly spammed in place as well.

Other appearances[]

  • Hien gains this technique in his playable version in the PlayStation port's "Hien Mode". Although the animation appears to have an extended range (as it uses Hien's attack effect instead of Hiryu's), it is functionally identical to Hiryu's version.
  • The Savage Slash is one of Hiryu's moves in Namco × Capcom. It gets upgraded into a stronger version known as Savage Slash (Strong) (乱れ斬り(強)) at Level 38, becoming the final technique Hiryu learns.
  • In Project X Zone 2, the Savage Slash appears as the final move in Hiryu's neutral attack, which is also named after it. Being a reference to Hiryu's entire skillset from Strider 2, he performs a Savage Slash in mid-air following a Hassou Jump.
  • Hiryu's new Hyper Combo in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Brionac, is inspired in the Savage Slash, and has Hiryu perform several omni-directional Cypher slashes surrounding him in mid-air.
  • Zeku's new V-Trigger II from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Karura Tenzan, closely resembles a simplified version of the Savage Slash, with Zeku performing several spinning chops with fully outstretched arms in mid-air. The pose he assumes during the move is also very similar to Hiryu's stance when performing the Savage Slash.



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