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Scarabee concept art

Scarabee (スカラベ, from French "beetle") is a boss character from Strider 2, appearing as the mid-boss of Scene 3 in the fourth stage.

The Scarabee is a large mechanical contraption found inside the Flying Battleship Balrog. It is located in the airship's Power Transformer Section, the part of the battleship where energy (likely generated by the Reactor Core) is converted into motive power to allow the Balrog to function. The energy the Scarabee generates for its attacks in large quantities is electro-magnetic in nature[1], but it is unknown if the machine is actually part of the process or merely a defense weapon.

Hiryu reaches the Power Transformer Section after infiltrating the Balrog's interior, and destroys the Scarabee after a confrontation.


The Scarabee consists of a large machine with two extremities or "limbs" at each side. Its room is a large square-shaped area with tracks at the borders, which the Scarabee uses to move around. Two smaller squared platforms stand in the middle of the room, which can be used to avoid Scarabee as it moves. The Scarabee can only move in a straight line across the borders, as well as rotate its body and limbs 180° to switch directions and attack types. As an extra hazard, small electric pulses circle around both the room and the two platforms' surfaces, forcing one to move constantly.

During the battle, the Scarabee will pursue Hiryu across the tracks, either by dashing or aiming any of its two long-range attacks at his direction. The Scarabee can't move beyond the tracks at the room's borders, and all its attacks are straight linear affairs, making it easy to avoid at long distance. It will also usually move its arms around when it changes directions, creating an opportunity for a quick assault. Best strategy is to hit and run in-between its attacks, throwing in a Boost attack from afar if really necessary.


  • Thunder Bolt Spikes: The Scarabee shoots the spikes at the end of its extremities forward, leaving an electric trail behind. Scarabee then moves forward to reconnect with them.[1]
  • Linear Cannon: A 30 mm linear cannon found in the front of the Scarabee[1]. When used, it shoots a large laser beam forward that lasts for a while.
  • Dash: The Scarabee generates energy in its extremities and dashes ahead towards Hiryu's direction. This technique is automatically used when Scarabee moves around.



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