A scientist (科学者) is briefly referenced in the Strider Hiryu manga, and a number of scientist are also minor characters featured in its NES adaptation, possibly inspired by him.

Strider Hiryu (Manga)Edit

Zain project 1

The mysterious scientist

A mysterious scientist who was a member of the Central Control Organization (Enterprise). He's only seen once in a flashback, concealed in shadows. He's seen wearing a pair of glasses and sporting a short moustache, however.

When the Secret Police Chief explains the ZAIN Project to Hiryu, he mentions this scientist. Several years ago, while investigating the human brain, this scientist tried to send an electric current to a mysterious area of the brain from where the most basic behaviors come from. Through this he discovered a certain radio wave able to tune in with this area, allowing it to control a human's basic actions. This discovery led into the research to create a mind-controlling weapon, becoming the foundation for the ZAIN Project itself.[1]

Strider (NES)Edit

NES scientist

NES sprite

Hiryu runs into several scientists during his crusade against The Syndicate and their ZAIN Project. The scientists appear as black-haired bespectacled men wearing a long, white lab coat with an ID card and holding a book on their right hand. Unlike the scientist above, they are allies of Hiryu here, providing assistance and hints about where he needs to go next.

There are a total of 5 scientists encountered by Hiryu:

  • The first scientist is found in Japan, in a small room on the western side of Kuramoto's residence. He fixes Hiryu's Cypher to allow it to shoot Plasma Arrows.
  • The second scientist is found in China, in a room at the top of the eastern tower. He tells Hiryu to go to his room on Kazakh to find the #4 Key he needs to enter the western tower.
  • The final three scientists are all found within the Red Dragon:
    • The first one is found in front of the door leading to the final area. He tells Hiryu Matic is waiting behind those doors, but they won't open until they destroy the two System machines.
    • The second is found in the eastern path, in a room next to one of the Systems. He warns Hiryu about Yggdrasil, calling it a demon's weapon.
    • The third and final one is found in the corridor before Yggdrasil, and simply warns Hiryu that the main tree lies in the next room.

There are also two extra scientists featured in the Famicom prototype who were removed in the final release:

  • The first is found in Egypt, next to the Aqua Boots. He explains their function.
  • The second is found in the Red Dragon, at the beginning of the corridor before Flash Blade. He speaks of a wall they can't break and must be walked around.


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