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A Score Up item (得点アップアイテム)[1][2] is a special set of pick-ups featured in Strider 2.

Score Ups are items that serve exclusively to increase the player's score upon being picked, providing no other benefit like power-up items do. There are a total of 8 different score items to be found in the game.


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Zenny (ゼニー) is the most basic and plentiful score item. These blue coins are dropped by every enemy and boss upon defeat. Minor enemies usually drop only one or two, whereas bosses tend to drop large amounts of Zenny upon defeat. Zenny come up in three different sizes, each with different score allocations. Picking up Zenny not only increase the regular score, but it also adds to the Item Bonus score displayed at the end of the stage by a set amount.

There are also rare red-colored Zenny that appear as hidden items or are dropped by rare enemies (usually tell apart by their red palette). These only come in small and medium size and don't alter the Item Bonus score when picked up.

Zenny type Score points Item Bonus increase
Blue (small) 100 PTS 1000 PTS
Blue (medium) 500 PTS 5000 PTS
Blue (large) 10.000 PTS 20.000 PTS
Red (small) 1000 PTS N/a
Red (medium) 5000 PTS N/a

The Zenny is a recurring fictional currency used in several Capcom games, first introduced as such in the 1987 platformer Black Tiger. The appearance of Zenny here as blue coins was first seen in 1988's Forgotten Worlds.

Special items[]

The other six Score items are unique items with their own set score. While they are sometimes found inside Item Boxes or rarely dropped by certain enemies, these items are mainly hidden away at specific spots in each stage, and to make them visible the player has to strike at them once. Once visible the item can be picked up as normal.

Center Center Center Center Center Center
2000 PTS
8000 PTS
Son Son
10.000 PTS
20.000 PTS
30.000 PTS
50.000 PTS

All these items have been used in a recurring manner in several other Capcom games, with the Yashichi and Mobi-chan being the most well-known among them.

Hidden item locations[]

This lists all hidden item locations in each stage, by scene. If a scene is not included, it means there's no hidden item of note. For completion's sake the list also includes a few non-score items that are hidden, as well as items that aren't invisible but are otherwise hard to find or that require special actions to reveal.

Unless noted otherwise, revealed items never disappear even if moved off-screen. Each stage has a set number of hidden items to be found that never changes regardless of the order the stages are played or the difficulty. although in rare instances hidden items may be different when unveiled depending on those two factors. This list shows items as seen when the stages are played in order.

As item locations don't change between ports, the list applies to both Arcade and PlayStation versions.

Stage 0 (El Dorado) locations[]

Stage 1 (Neo Hong Kong City) items[]

Stage 2 (Fortress Wahnen) locations[]

Stage 3 (Antarctica Research Lab) locations[]

Stage 4 (Flying Battleship Balrog) locations[]

Stage 5 (The Third Moon) locations[]


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