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This article lists a number of known scrapped areas (also known as Scenes) designed for Strider 2.

El Dorado Ruins Outside Perimeter[]

Main article: El Dorado (unused stage)#Scene 4

An unused scene for the scrapped El Dorado stage found in the code of the Arcade version, this area appears as the stage's planned 4th scene, in-between the final stage's 3rd and 4th Scenes (the latter being Scene 5 in the scrapped version). The area is entirely unplayable and has no interactivity, however, with only its 3D model visible in the background.

This area was not brought back when the stage was restored in the PlayStation port, and it is unknown if any surviving asset still exists within its code.

Scrapped machine area[]

Unknown machine

An unknown sketch for an area drawn by the staff member known as "Kappa", featured alongside a collage of concept art for several other areas[1]. This area appears to have been planned for the "Castle Stage", given its apparent military look.

The area appears to consist of a large war machine with four big drill-like extensions on each side, and several guns and other weapons spread around its surface. The machine seems to be either installed on the ceiling or flying/hovering above ground. A large, thick metallic door appears to be drawn in front of it, indicating the machine was to be found behind it and probably it'd have opened as an introduction cutscene.

This area was possibly meant to be a boss-only Scene in Fortress Wahnen, although nothing is known about its intended use.

Scrapped airplane area[]

Unknown airplane

Another sketch drawn by "Kappa" and featured in the same collage of concept art for the above unused area[1]. In this case, it appears to be a large, heavily armored airplane or seaplane with propulsor jets and a number of turrets and weapons on its wings. Nothing else is known about this vehicle.

As the artwork is found in a collage of several different areas, it is assumed it was concept art for an area or a section of one, although it is also possibly it was intended to be a scrapped boss-only area where Hiryu has to battle the airplane.

Antarctica high-speed stage[]

A scrapped section planned for the Antarctica Research Lab, discussed in the Strider 2 Secret File[2]. This area was planned to feature Hiryu in a high-speed sequence facing off against a set of enemies known as "Snowboard Guards", soldiers surfing on snowboards and wielding some kind of large fire-spouting weapon. The stage and enemy were scrapped in the end.

Its unknown if there's any leftover assets on the game of this scrapped Scene. While nothing else is known, it may have been intended as a section in the final Scene, perhaps a quick sequence about leaving the burning laboratory and before reaching the Kraken boss battle.


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