Secret Police Chief
Japanese: 秘密警察局長
Himitsu Keisatsu Kyokuchō
Debut: Manga: Chapter 2
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Black
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: Kazakh Secret Police

The Secret Police Chief (秘密警察局長) is a minor character from the Strider Hiryu manga. He's seen during most of Chapter 2, and briefly during Chapter 3. In the NES Strider, he's likely the "Vice-Commander" Hiryu encounters in Kazakh, which begs for his life and gives him the disk revealing the Commander's meeting in Egypt.[1]

The chief of the Kazakh Secret Police is a bald, moustached man that displays little skills in spite of his rank, and is overall unscrupulous and coward as well. He's in league with Enterprise and their ZAIN Project, desiring to use its brainwashing power to turn even the strongest enemy into controllable puppets.[2]




The Secret Police Chief

After Hiryu joins Sheena in order to rescue Kain, the two Striders infiltrate the Secret Police's quarters and sneak into the chief's room as he's sleeping, forcing him to reveal Kain's location. After retrieving Kain they take the chief prisoner and force him to help in leaving the building undetected, by using his car and disguising themselves as soldiers accompanying him.

Staying in one of the Rebel Army's safe houses due to a blizzard, he remains tied up to a chair and eventually falls asleep. He's later woken up by the fight between Hiryu and the brainwashed Kain. After Hiryu subdues Kain and finds a strange implant on his neck, he forces the chief to reveal what happened to his friend, threatening him with his Cypher. The chief reveals the existence of the ZAIN Project and their aim to create a brainwashing weapon.

When Kain wakes up and finds Sheena's dead body, the chief remarks his part on her death. Enraged, Hiryu punches him to shut him up, but he's unable to stop Kain from realizing what happened. Hiryu also stops an enraged Kain from killing him, stating that the chief is a small fish compared to those who created ZAIN.

The chief is seen for the last time during Hiryu and Kain's infiltration of the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute. Kain drops the police chief at the main entrance, tied up and gagged, to serve as a distraction as they easily infiltrate the building.[3]



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