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Severnsi's intro card

Severnsi, also known as Sewer Crab or Killer Crab (キラークラブ), is a minor stage enemy from the 2014 Strider.

The Severnsi is a small, shelled crustacean which can be found living in the sewer areas of Kazakh City's Underground. These little creatures have suffered several mutations in order to survive the harsh and polluted environments of the Underground[1]. Having evolved into aggressive survivalists, they lash out against anyone entering the sewers out of raw survival instincts.[1]

A subspecies of Severnsi can be found in the lava-filled areas of the Underground. This subspecies has evolved due to the fiery environment it lives in, gaining a resistance to fire and attacks similar to the Magmapede.[2]




The basic Sewer Crab can be found in the Processing Facility and Black Market areas of the Underground. These little critters possess a hardened shell which protects them from most attacks. When attacking intruders or preys, the Severnsi will either lunge forward at them or perform a quick rolling attack in their direction. If it stands far enough from its target, the crabs will instead spit acid balls at their targets.

When facing them, Hiryu has to use a Charged Cypher slash to remove their shells before being able to kill them. They are small and quick nuisances when in numbers, however.


StrHD fiery severnsi.png

The fiery mutant subspecies can only be found in the rocky areas near the Refuse Processing Facility. They are easily recognized by their reddish legs and darkened shell. They behave identical to normal Severnsi, but their attacks are now fire-based in nature. Their acid spit is replaced with a small fireball shot at an arc, and their rolling assault now leaves a trail of fire behind them which can damage Hiryu.

They are otherwise dealt with in the same way as the basic version.

Design Notes[]

The enemy's name is possibly a reference to the Geograpsus severnsi, an exctinct species of land crab from Hawaii.


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