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Shadow Tag Bullets Soldier (影踏み弾兵) is an enemy found in the original Strider and most of its ports. The weapon used by this enemy is actually a reference to the original manga: the Shadow Tag Bullets is a hi-tech machine gun which appears in Chapter 5, and is also described as a "personal automatic tracker" (対人自動追尾).[1]


Appears in Stage 1 (St. Petersburg) and Stage 5 (The Third Moon)

A group of soldiers equipped with the personal auto-tracking weapon known as "Shadow Tag Bullets"[2]. This machine gun works in tandem with a radar system (likely linked to the helmet used by the soldiers) in order to track down the target's location while in movement and improve its accuracy. It's said that one can do nothing but run fast in an attempt to avoid the sight of the weapon's shooting spree[2]. As soon as Hiryu enters his line of sight, the soldier will shoot at him without a break, following him in any direction he moves while leaving behind a shower of spent bullet shells.

There are only two soldiers wielding Shadow Tag Bullets. The first one is found inside St. Petersburg's central Mosque, right below Novo's room. He's standing on a small platform, but his placement makes him easy to eliminate, as he can't attack Hiryu fast enough as he descends from above him. The second soldier appears in the exterior area of the Third Moon, and is much more difficult to confront since he can't be stopped or interrupted in his continuous attack.


  • Isuke has created enemies with identical attack patterns (locking on the player with a non-stopping barrage of projectiles) in his other action games, namely the "T-Tank" in Osman and the "Shivursky 2063" in Moon Diver. In the latter's case, backstory material implies the weapon is actually an updated model of Shadow Tag Bullets, developed to work autonomously without the need of a soldier to carry it around.


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