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Strider Shinden (ストライダー震電, lit. Quaking Volt, but officially translated Magnificient Lightning) is a minor character introduced in the 2014 Strider, as part of the "Fallen Striders" costume/alternate color set.

Shinden was a B-Rank agent in the Striders, an intelligence operative specialized in sneaking missions and the direct subordinate of Strider Jingei. As other B-Rank members like him, Shinden used a Plasma Sword as his weapon of choice.[1]

As a subordinate of Jingei, he accompanied his superior in several of his assignments[1]. Serving a higher-ranked Strider as his support, Shinden seemingly longed for an opportunity to prove his own worth as a Strider. Shinden wore a full lavender uniform with white leg wraps and a red mask. He carried the first kanji of his name, "shin" (, magnificient), as his personal emblem.


Strider (2014)[]

Shinden was one of the 11 agents who infiltrated Kazakh City previous to Hiryu, carrying the mission to assassinate Grandmaster Meio. Shinden accompanied Jingei as they infiltrated the metropolis together and arrived at the Military Area. After Jingei's demise, Shinden decided to proceed alone with the infiltration, seeking to claim all the credit as a way to prove himself. Not long afterward, however, he'd fall prey to the weapon collection owned by General Mikiel further within the Military Area.[1]

Design Notes[]

Shinden's costume color scheme (lavender/white) is based off the original color scheme used by Hiryu's sprite in the first Strider.[2]


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