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The Shock Blade (ショックブレード) is a weapon introduced in Strider 2.

A technologically advanced melee weapon created by the Grandmaster's followers, the Shock Blade is a sword whose characteristics and abilities are very similar to those of the Striders' Cypher. This is the primary weapon wielded by Admiral Wilhelm, with his personal Shock Blade carrying the name/title Denkoumaru (電光丸, lit. Lightning).[1]


The plasma arc generated by the Shock Blade

The Shock Blade is a sword-type weapon taking the form of a curved sword or sabre: it has a long handle, a large circular guard and a single edge with a squared out tip. Seven small openings located on the base of the blade serve as emitters from where the plasma energy used by the sword is released. The sword comes with a black scabbard, visible hanging from Wilhelm's waist.

The blade works similar to the Cypher in that it uses high voltage plasma energy to increase its cutting power, generating a large arc of electricity and plasma each time it is swung in a similar way as well. The Shock Blade can also perform other attacks using the plasma energy, such as releasing plasma pulses by striking a surface or entering a "power-up" mode of sorts in which each swing shoots a quick plasma wave forward, in a similar way to the Cypher's own Boost mode.

The plasma arcs released by Denkoumaru are a mix of purple and blue in color, and turn into green and violet once the plasma waves power-up is activated.

Plasma Sword[]

The 2014 Strider introduces a new Striders weapon known as the Plasma Sword (プラズマソード), the weapon of choice used by Striders Raiga, Kuga and Shinden. No specifics are revealed about this weapon outside the implication it is issued to B-Class Striders (given all three wielders are in this rank), but based on its name it may resemble or work similarly to the Shock Blade.



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