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Strider Shouyo (ストライダー翔鷹, lit. Soaring Hawk but officially translated Flying Hawk) is a minor character introduced in the 2014 Strider, as part of the "Fallen Striders" costume/alternate color set.

Shouyo was an A-Rank agent in the Striders, a one-eyed sniper who specialized in long-range combat with the use of his weapon, a plasma-enhanced Cy-bow (サイ・アロー, lit. Cy-Arrow).[1]

In spite of having a blind eye, Shouyo was an expert marksman. Due to this he was often assigned to serve as support for other Striders during missions, but this didn't mean his individual abilities were in any way inferior to those of his peers[1]. Shouyo wore a set of red chest armor and chaps over a black under suit and leggings, completed with a white mask. He carried the first kanji of his name, "shou" (, flying/soaring), as his personal emblem.


Strider (2014)[]

Shouyo was one of the 11 agents who infiltrated Kazakh City previous to Hiryu, carrying the mission to assassinate Grandmaster Meio. During his mission, Shouyo infiltrated the Research Facility and eventually found Xi Wang Mu lurking within. The two battled, but Shouyo was unable to defeat the Queen Mother's magnificient technique and was finally eliminated.[1]

Design Notes[]

Shouyo's costume color scheme (red/black) is based off the color scheme of Final Fight and Street Fighter character Guy[2]. Hiryu was first given this same color scheme/reference as "Color 6" in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


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