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Siberian Wolf (シベリアオオカミ) is a minor stage enemy from the first Strider and most of its ports.


Appears in Stage 2 (Siberia)

Hungry wolves from the Siberian tundra, they attack by jumping and biting[1]. They move in large packs and attack from all directions, making them a nuisance to deal with despite being a rather simple and easy enemy. They rush and leap at Hiryu constantly from both sides, only ever stopping to snarl and howl at him.

In the Mega Drive port, one has to crouch attack in order to hit them, making them slightly more annoying to deal with than in the original version.

Grandmaster Meio's summon[]

This enemy is one of the three lifeforms created by Grandmaster Meio during the boss fight. Out of the three, however, this is the only one which differs from its stage-based version, having a different grey palette and granting twice as much points when killed.

Being summons of Meio, these wolves have limited attacks, as they only jump high out of their creation spot, and fall back trying to hit Hiryu.

Strider Returns[]

A similar wolf enemy was introduced in the Game Gear port of Strider Returns. This gray or black-colored wolf enemy simply moves back and forward, striking at Hinjo by running into him.

This enemy only appears in the first and third stage.


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