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Sky Wing (name given in Tiger Handheld's Strider manual[1]) is a minor stage enemy exclusive of the NES version Strider. Similar in concept to the Arcade game's bounty hunter Solo, this enemy uses a mechanical suit to hover around the stage as he attacks.


Appears in Kazakh and Egypt.

Sky Wing is an enemy soldier wearing a hi-tech mechanical suit that covers his whole body. This red armor employs a set of propellers installed in its back that allows him to quickly hover through the air. Sky Wing uses a handgun as his only means of attack, shooting at an angle at Hiryu while hovering in a wavy pattern above his head.

Once Hiryu reaches an area protected by Sky Wing, he'll appear from off-screen and hover above him, shooting down at him between short intervals. While the enemy can be easily dispatched, he'll constantly respawn from off-screen after being destroyed. This, coupled with his fast movement and tendency to fly over hazards such as spikes, makes him a difficult enemy to handle without getting hit.


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